MBA without work ex?

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  • Posted by aishanimishra on 12/31/12 12:15pm

    Are there any reasonably good schools in the states that provide MBAs without any work experience.

    I'm applyinying for MIM in most schools already as I'm a recent graduate from the engineering field but I heard some colleges don't require work ex for admissions for MBA.


    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 01/03/13 7:08pm

      Hi Aishani,

      the purpose of an MBA is to bring professionals together and allow them for profitting from each other's knowledge and capabilities. This interaction is channeled by courses, topics, and professors. Also, companies come to campus to recruit MBAs for more advanced positions, not for entry positions.

      Hence, by definition MBA program cannot accept graduates. If you should find a school that accepts graduates for the MBA then I would be VERY suspicious.....

      The Master in Management (MIM) is the right program for you. Please find more information about the difference between the MIM and the MBA here.

      Best wishes