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  • Posted by gaurav on 02/14/17 5:32pm

    Respected Members,

    I am a bcom graduate from indian university. But, there is a career gap in my life. After graduating in 2014, i was trying to pass professional exams(professional course) but didn't succeed. so there is a two year gap in my career (2014 to 2016). now i finally decided to make the career in management field. so i want to start the career by doing Master of management course as it doesn't need experience.

    Now, i need suggestions

    1. whether this career gap of two year will decrease my chances of admission in business school or year gap will stop me to pursue this course? how to justify this year gap?

    2. secondly, i am afraid of gmat. so are there any good b-schools( in canada & UK) that don't require gmat? OR if gmat is very necessary, then i have to give exam and score well in gmat.

    please help me.

    Thanking YOU

    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 02/15/17 11:30am


      There are more than 650 Master in Management programs out there and if you read my eBook "The MIM: Entry Requirements", you see how different their admission criteria are and actually what schoools expect. So, I recommend you to read it first.

      Second, I strongly recommend you to go for the GMAT. There are many programs without the GMAT of course, just visit the admission webpages of your target schools in the UK or wherever to find it out - but if you feel that you have a rather weak cv in terms of breaks or career path, a very good GMAT score good help you enter a more prestigious program.

      As for your career gap, there is nothing else to do than saying the truth in my opinion. Some schools will prefer other applicants without such a gap - in the same way as some schools will prefer other applications because of better grades or more interesting internships listed on the cv. But that's the way it is. You have to be honest to yourself and the schools in my opinion and accept that you may find a good but not necessarily the most prestigious Master in Management.

      Do the GMAT and prepare well for it. Develop a clear (and honest) story of what you did so far, what your motivations and goals are today and why you wish to do a Master in Management (what you wish to do after it and why a Master in Management could help you here). Then contact some schools of your interest and ask them to bring you in contact with current students, alumni or an admissions manager - and tell your story and ask for advice if they recommend you to apply.

      All the best and good luck,

      By Thomas Graf

    • Posted by gaurav on 04/11/17 10:44am

      Hello sir,

      sir, u gave me some suggestions that "you can email to university/b-schools and ask them about your eligibility and chances of admission in top b-schools in canada". and this suggestion is also given in your e-book i think.

      so, after investigating this method, result is I will not get admission in top 10 business schools in canada because of these reasons:

      1. some b-schools require 4 year bachelors degree. but i have bcom honours which is 3 year. like windsor university
      2. my age. Actually, mim course is just after graduation OR maximum 1 year experienced applicant. so many business schools in canada deleted me because there is a two year gap in my career. Example- sauder b school,mcmaster univ,schulich b school,etc.
      3. extra curricular activities. i don't have any sort of other activities. so my CV is weak. so b-schools felt that i am not a perfect applicant like Ivey business school.

      So Now, for doing a management course, i am looking for community colleges to apply. HUMBER college and ROYAL ROAD UNIVERSITY. these are good colleges but not highly ranked.They have a very good program in management.

      Sir please suggest me whether to go with this decision or not.

      I want to start my career in management from entry level. after taking 5-6 years of experience, i will do mba from reputed b-school for mid or senior level management position.

      please help me sir.
      Thank you

      • Posted by Thomas Graf on 04/11/17 2:58pm


        thank you for your message. First of all, I am happy that my methdology works for you and brought you feasible answers (even though the answers themselves are not what you hoped for).

        As for your question whether to move on with one of these colleges, I would like to direct your attention back to my methodology as outlined step-by-step in my "Business Masters" eBook. What's the first step before you investigate in b-schools? Having done this first step, which criteria should you apply when you put schools on your short list?

        Best wishes,

        By Thomas Graf
        MIM Compass Founder

  • Posted by prince on 02/11/19 12:59pm

    hello, i have done my 12th in 2009 and bachelore will complete in 2020, is this acceptable for mim? im planning for 2020 session

  • Posted by thomas.graf on 02/12/19 11:26am

    Hi there,

    formally, you need a first academic deree - such as the bachelor - to study a Master (e.g, the MIM). You din't need work experience. So, yes, you can apply for a MIM in 2020. If the school requires more than just a first degree can be found out either through the websites of the schools or my survey "The MIM - Entry requirements for the Master in Management".

    Best wishes,

    By Thomas Graf
    Author of the MIM eBook