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  • Posted by ala on 03/19/19 4:38am

    Hello ,
    I am curious about the difference between school choice of CEMS MIM ,so :

    1. If two students have CEMS MIM , one from a higher ranked business school than the other, Are they considered the same because both have CEMS ? ( everything else is the same )

    2.the same question but now : one did a one-year CEMS , the other : 2 years . (depends on the school , some schools have 1 year , some have a combined mim with cems in 2 years ) , are the two students will be looked at the same ?

  • Posted by thomas.graf on 03/19/19 10:34am

    Hi there,

    your questions are interesting but too broad, in my opinion. It depends on WHO considers them.

    • Maybe an employer just requires a Master degree as formal entry requirement and does not care about one year or two years.
    • Maybe an employer is a sponsor of the CEMS network and does not care about which school or ranking position as long as it is a CEMS school.
    • Mabye an employer values academic knowledge including international experience in an extent that only a 2 year program can provide.


    In other words, no one will be avle to tell you IN GENERAL about potential reactions here.

    What's the solution?
    You can ask the CEMS organization directly about their experiences in terms of graduate recruitment after the CEMS MIM. In addition, I recommend thinking about your ideal employers from the perspective of today - who do you wnat to work for after your CEMS MIM? - even if your actual mind may change in a year or two. And simply contact these employers and ask them, either by calling on the phone or by approaching their employees via job fairs etc.

    Best wishes,

    By Thomas Graf
    Author of the MIM eBook