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  • Posted by aviral1024 on 01/09/14 2:19pm

    Hi thomas

    I'm interested in pursuing the CEMS masters in international management program. But even though the cems website mentions that no business or economics backgrounds is required most of the reputed schools require a business degree. Can you recommend some reputed schools that offer the CEMS program and do not require a business degree


    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 01/10/14 6:13pm

      Hi Aviral,

      the CEMS Master in Management requires an academic background in business or economics. Check out the CEMS criteria here.

      To search for Masters in Management that are open for students without an academic background in business or economics, you can use the Search Filter "Entry Requirements: No first degree in business required" in our search engine.

      If you are specifically interested in programs included in the Financial Times Master in Management Ranking, you also find this information for each of the 70 programs (under the point "pre-experience).

      Best wishes

      by Thomas Graf

  • Posted by Aman Chandra Dhasmana on 10/11/20 4:19pm

    Pls tell me cems mim program for students with non economic and business background.

  • Posted by thomas.graf on 10/12/20 1:20pm


    as far as I know, you need ot have a business or economics background for this. But why don't you ask the CEMS directly?

    Thomas from MIM Compass