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  • Posted by theabhinav on 04/05/13 3:50pm

    Thanks a tonne for taking out time to read.

    Myself Abhinav. Working in the US Mutinational Cognizant Technology Solutions as an Information Security Analyst since last 15 Months. I am planning to pursue a Masters in Management from some of the Universities abroad. According to Financial Times, the Top-Ranked Universities encompass the likes of IE Business School, HEC Paris, ESCP Europe, St. Gallen's School etc. But with the economic condition in Europe apparently bleak and language constraint being a decisive factor, it puts me in-a-fix whether to opt for a Non-EU college or go for these top drawer colleges come-what-may ?

    I have put in some intensive research, primarily on my own and through a bit of counseling as well, and learnt some other safer options viz. UCD Michael Smurfit, Trinity Business School, MDIS Singapore that has tie-ups & will provide a degree from the likes of Univ. of Wales, Univ. of Bradford, Grenoble etc.
    I also learnt about some German schools like the Otto Beisheim WHU School and Mannheim Business School. There are also schools in the US/Canada and Australia that provide a Masters in Management but I am not very sure how renowned they are in regards to this course.

    One other major query is whether I should enhance my experience and go for a Full-Time MBA through GMAT after 2,3 Years or go for a Masters in Management in the next 1 year. Hoping for valuable insights into the same.

    Most Important Factors from my end :-

    1. Decent Return on Investment (High ROI)
    2. Medium Range of Expense
    3. Work Permit after the Masters should not be that big an issue,

    Please recommend.

    Abhinav Agnihotri

    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 04/05/13 5:20pm

      Hi there,

      thank you for your questions. I would - in general - make the decision whether a master now or not (or later) dependent on what you need now. If you feel like you want to learn something else because of interest, because of a lack of competence in your current job, or to increase your job options I would go for a master. If you are happy for the moment, I would postponse that decision (and e.g. do an MBA in some years).

      If you plan to go for a master now - e.g. a master in management (mim) - I recommend to choose a school in the country where you want to work after graduation. Of couse you can always achieve your degree abroad and come back home with that degree. But if you do a program in the country of studies you may profit form the school's regional network - and 90 percent of the MIM graduates start to work in the country of campus (source: Global MIM Survey 2012). If you decide for a program in a different country than where you want to work later on make sure in advance that your favorite employers know the school and ideally recruit there.

      As for the countries in Europe, keep in mind that there are two external boundaries:

      1. the VISA situation - here I recommend you to talk to (a) the school's career office, (2) your embassy in the country as they should know, and (3) current or ex students in the program of your interest, ideally those of your nationality - the schol can bring you in contact with them.

      2. The Job Market: Well, even in countries with economic downturns you can find jobs, particularly if you are highly qualified. I would check which companies recruit on the respective campus and how many percent of the graduates find a job within 3 months after graduation. Again, the career office should provide you with that data (or statistics published on the schools' sites).

      So, here is my recommended plan of action:

      • Think about why you want to a master and if today's the right moment.
      • If you go for a master now decide where you want to work after graduation.
      • EIther watch out for schools in that country of studies - or choose a school that is not in that country but has a reputation in your target work country.
      • Clear the VISA question.
      • Clear the job market question AND (mor eimportant) the placement potential of the schools.

      Best wishes

      By Thomas Graf

      • Posted by theabhinav on 04/05/13 8:49pm

        Thanks for the elucidated response. I'll definitely incorporate everything that you told to be done.
        Some of my things are forthright and clear. Would like to share them with you.

        1. My decision to go into management is upfront and clear. Its just a question of when rather than whether. Being honest, management was never my interest during my B.Tech days. But since now I know about the pros of management, I'm extremely willing to go into this. Personally, I would wish to go into investment banking and corporate finance. I am also open for International Business, but still not sure, which way the tide will turn.

        Neither do I have a very very strong proclivity towards finance nor an apathy towards other domains viz. marketing, HR etc. The management quotient has arised in me much because of my desire to be a future I.Banker or an analyst in a big investment bank. And personally I feel, it is your desire and stubborness that makes things plausible for you.

        So, the bottomline is that I want to be into management as soon as possible as I don't want my zeal to fade-away. Also, 10Years down the line, I would be targeting an EMBA to boost-up my career at that point.

        Kindly suggest me wherever I am wrong. Looking for vital suggestions and insights.

        With Gratitude
        Abhinav Agnihotri

        • Posted by Thomas Graf on 04/05/13 11:49pm

          Hi Abhinavo

          ok, makes sense to me. I perceive you as not having a specific or clear future goal right now. You signal preferences for IB or corporate finance but you also show interest in international business - so you are not 100% clear at the moment and want to keep your future open - that's fine. Also, you don't appear to have a specific interest in one area such as marketing. Instead you seem to want more general overview knowledge in management. That's all fine and a master in management makes sense to me in your case.

          Now, since you mentioned twice that IB is an interesting area for you, try to watch out for schools that have investment banks come to campus and recruit. Following the plan of action above, you have to screen the schools' websites for statistics on where the MIM graduates start to work - and you can also contact the career offices asking for the companies where their graduates find a job. Hence, companies and industries will be the final "selector", your key criterion for choosing one school or the other in your final shortlist.

          Best wishes

          By Thomas Graf

    • Posted by theabhinav on 04/06/13 8:24am

      Thanks Thomas for the valuable insights !!!

      I'll certainly do as directed and surely would touch-base with you after some progress..


      • Posted by theabhinav on 04/15/13 4:54pm

        Hello Thomas,

        I am here again. And this time, after researching on some major findings from VISA process to companies to other intricacies that go into the selection of a B-School.

        Still, I would like to know your insights into 2 colleges - European Business School (EBS), Germany V/S UCD Smurfit Ireland.

        UCD Smurfit is higher in the MIM rankings and EBS is one of the higher ranked schools in Germany. Language will not be that big a barrier as I learnt from the alumnis. Also the course is entirely taught in English. The thing that tilts the favour in EBS is the strong German economy. I'm not that sure about Ireland as I m unable to get in touch with people who could guide me for the same.

        Please give your valuable suggestions for the same.

        Abhinav !

        • Posted by Thomas Graf on 04/15/13 5:29pm

          Hi Abhinav,

          thank you for your question. My general rationale is: If you want to work in Ireland I would prefer the UCD over the EBS. If you want to work in Germany I would prefer the EBS ver the UCD.

          What speaks for the UCD and against EBS?
          The UCD has a triple accreditation whereas EBS does not have any of the internationally recognized accreditations (with the exception of an MBA program in cooperation with a British school). The EBS also faces lots of difficulties in the last year because their ex president appeared to have worked for his own benefit. At the moment he is accused of having made deals as president of the EBS with his own private or affiliated externally companies.

          What speaks for the EBSand against the UCD?
          The EBS is one of the most renowned universities for business administration in Germany and has a strong network. The UCD, on the other hand, seems to stagnate, at least when we observe the ranking positions. In the recent years it seems to improve slowly but never made the big leaps.

          So, both institutions have its advantages and potential weakesses. If I had to decide between these two schools, therefore, my key criterion would be the reputation in the country where I would want to work later on.

          Best wishes

          By Thomas Graf