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  • Posted by aninda mukherjee on 02/12/11 12:13pm

    thank u very much sir for ur reply sir sir how u rate harvard 2+2 programme if i get above 700+ in gmat and have goog undergraduation record will i be able to get admission in harvard mim programme how do u view it pls reply

    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 02/12/11 3:21pm

      Hi Aninda,

      as to my best knowlegde, a GMAT of 700 is a necessary score that you need for Ivy League schools. However, this does not guarantee you admissions - it is a necessary condition but not a sufficient.

      Admissions are never granted only based on the GMAT. Top schools like Harvard take the time to have a look on the overall CV and personality. My suggestion to you is:

      • Do the GMAT
      • Read carefullly the Harvard page at - try to get a feeling of what Harvard expects from their students
      • Finally, get in touch with the Harvard admissions department (with a good GMAT score in the back) and openly talk to them

      Again: It is very important that you get rid of any thinking that there is a mathematical process of getting into a top business school. Instead, the school wants to see who you are, what capabilities you have, how you may be able to contribute to the program - in sum: if you fit to the school. And by the way, you should find out if the schools fits to you and your preferences. Maybe Harvard is not the best place for you even though everyone admires this school. Maybe you have different preferences and the culture of Standford or Wharton suits you more...
      Best wishes