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Does anyone have a scholarship already?

  • Posted by - mAtty_goal - on 29 July 2010 - 4:26pm

    Does anyone already have a scholarship and how did you get it?

    • Posted by - mAtty_goal - on 8 August 2010 - 11:04pm

      Hi there,

      thank you a lot. Seems like I need to focus on the GMAT much more than assumed so far...


    • Posted by - DKK - on 5 August 2010 - 3:09pm

      Hey Matty,
      Concerning your question I would also like to share my personal experiences with the Scholarship for Effective and Responsible Leadership at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management with you. I received the scholarship this year and it covers two-thirds of my tuition fees HHL´s M.Sc. Program (15.000 €) and is therefore a great reward for outstanding performance.

      The requirements are as follows (As stated on HHL´s website):

      • completed application for the M.Sc. program
      • GMAT score of at least 650
      • Scholarship essay
      • Scholarship questionnaire

      The essay had to be around 3,000 words long and was about the topic “"Are Global Markets Promoting or Destroying Global Solidarity?“. The questionnaire referred to my character, personal goals and the values of the scholarship. After turning in the documents I had an interview with an HHL representative in which my essay was discussed and the knowledge about the topic was tested. After that I received the acceptance for the scholarship.
      In my experience it is absolutely recommendable to invest some time and effort in thorough research and study of literature for your essay. This helps you in your argumentation for the essay as well as during the interview. This will definitely increase your chances, also for other scholarships.
      The same goes for the GMAT, as many scholarships require a specific score. So invest some time for test preparation as well.

      I can only encourage you to look for a scholarship that you can identify with. Now I am very happy and proud to have the opportunity to represent the values and study at of one of Germany’s leading business schools.
      For more information (also for other scholarships) you can check the HHL website ( or send me a message for further questions.

      • Posted by - gianpaolo tepedino - on 22 August 2010 - 9:37pm

        Hi Matty,

        I am student at Instituto de Empresa (IE). Four months ago I was awarded with the "IE-Fellowship" which has provided me not only with financial aid but also with the opportunity of getting involved in a project at the University that is closely related with my professional background (computer engineer), allowing me to put together my bachelors' degree expertise and the business concepts that I have harvested during these initial months of my master.

        I couldn't agree more with the advice DKK gave you, is very important to feel identified with the scholarship/fellowship that you are planning to apply to, because almost for sure you will be required to write several essays and in some cases even attend to an interview to get to know you better and understand if you are the right person for them and for that specific financial aid (even this kind of things are an investment for them, and they obviously want the person that will give them the best return on investment).

        My advice will be:

        • Pick 4 or 5 scholarships/fellowships that you feel identified with;
        • Do some research before you write your essays;
        • Do your best and always remember that you need to stand out of the crowd. Honesty and sincerity are a must.

        What were the requirements? (Fundación IE)

        1. The student must have been admitted at IE;
        2. To write a couple of essays were they wanted to know what was going to be my role and my contribution as a member of their community in the short and in the long-run. At this point is very important to put in paper your skills and experience, as well as your hard-working "spirit".

        Regarding the GMAT, I agree with DKK that is very important, but please do not underestimate the essays.

        For further information please take a look to:

        Hope this helps you, and I wish you the very best of lucks in your hunting,

        Gianpaolo Tepedino

    • Posted by - SvenjaK - on 4 August 2010 - 8:26pm

      hi matty,

      i am a master student at HHL - Leipzig Graduate School of Management and was lucky to receive a scholarship directly from my school. for that, i basically needed to show a good academic performance and have a gmat of at least 650. Also, i had to hand in a questionnaire as well as a written essay which both demonstrated my sensibility towards the topic of "effective and responsible leadership" because this is what the HHL scholarship is granted for.
      of course, there are also a lot of other scholarships available that have a different focus but i think the basic selection procedure and requirements might be quite similar...