What do I need to persuade the graduate admissions faculty into admitting me?

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  • Posted by Sugarplum on 12/07/12 10:03am


    I graduated in 2011 from a local university in my home country in Asia in Bachelor of Arts in Education - TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) and I obtained a third class honours degree. I am thinking of applying for the Master of Management programme from the same university, however, I am starting to doubt myself when I saw that the general entry requirements for any masters is a bachelor's degree in at least second class (see below):

    *"The minimum requirement for Masters Degree Programmes is normally a relevant Bachelor’s Degree with Honors (Second Class and above) or its equivalent from institutions recognised by the University Senate unless otherwise stated.

    Applicants who do not possess a Second Class Honors Degree may be considered, provided they have relevant working experience and possess other academic or professional qualifications deemed suitable and equivalent for the purpose of admission to the programme."*

    Is it advisable that I contact the dean or program coordinator regarding this matter, or should I just apply straightforward? The application for masters for my university does not require a letter of proposal or any letters, just a standard application form. Finally, do you have any tips that may help increase my chances of them to consider me? Thank you in advance for your helpful guidance.

    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 12/08/12 7:05pm

      Hi there,

      well, that's a difficult question as it has to do with the specific conditions at your school. Actually I see only two options:

      (1) The school has strict procedures - then it won't matter what you are doing as you won't get admissions anyway.
      (2) The school gives you some advantages over external applicants because you are a local student - then again it shouldn't matter which way you go.

      Actually, I would just apply and wait for their reaction. If you are not accepted somehow you can still talk to the program coordinator in a very polite way and ask if there is something that you can do to still become accepted. Maybe they offer you something such as repeating a course or telling you a GMAT score that could be used to equalize the grade.

      But first try the standard way and only when it gets complicated consider the next steps.

      If after all you won't become accepted just consider a different school.

      Best wishes