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  • Posted by - Kamal_gupta - on 4 October 2013 - 10:40am

    Dear Thomas

    My GMAT score is 690.
    I wish to apply for international management and masters in management courses in following colleges and later want to take up consulting or strategic role in a corporate:

    1. SAI- target HEC Paris, ESCP Europe
    2. RSM - CEMS/MiM
    3. St Gallens- SIM
    4. I was confused between IE business School or ESADE-CEMS
      Though earlier I was inclined towards ESADE due to CEMS program and better placements as per data provided by them but this year there has been a drop in ranking for both ESADE and CEMS, is it a worrying sign?
      Should I go for IE business school instead which also offers a specialisation in Int. Business?

    I would be really glad to hear What are my chances as per you in these B-schools based on the profile below.


    BBA- Final Year student(2014-graduation year)- 83.7%(2011-13)
    HSC (Science) CBSE , Sachdeva Public School -89.40%
    SSC CBSE , Sachdeva Public School-87.20%

    • Gupta Timber Trader Pvt Ltd(Timber Importer)
    (June 18, 2013-July 31, 2013)
    Financial audits and training for other business operations.
    • Exploits Traveltech Pvt Ltd- Brand Ambassador
    (March 1, 2013-April 30, 2013)
    Marketing and Sales operations of adventure tourism website:
    • Campus Manager
    (Jan 10, 2013- Jan 30, 2013)
    Promotion of event UGF Championship by MICROMAX
    • Part time experience of Family Business(Kamal Plywood & Timber)

    • Secured 100% marks in Business Environment & Computer Applications in End-Term Examinations(DECEMBER) and will receive scholarship for the same
    • 5th University Rank Holder for End-Term Examinations(DECEMBER)
    • Secured A+ Grade in 3rd National Graphics Championship
    • Super Achiever Award at ICMAS Abacus State Championship 2006

    • Organizer of IMS Seminar in College
    • Coordinator for event Discus Throw, at college Sports Day
    • Worked as a member of sponsorship team of college festival GENESIS-2013
    • Volunteer for College Festival Genesis-2013
    • Dress Prefect Boy in High School

    • Analysis of Performance of Apple Inc.(Oct, 2012-Dec, 2012)- Analysis of Industry, Products, Finance
    • Working on Project on Financial Analysis of Gupta Timbers Pvt. Ltd.

    • Working as a volunteer with an NGO school, SPARSH, to teach mentally and physically challenged people.
    • Certified Right to Information Act(RTI) user by Government of India after completion on 2month online course
    • Filed RTI’s in public authorities regarding maintenance of roadwork, inspection of records, etc.
    • Participated in events story writing, sketching, Ad-Film making, face-painting, hair dressing, bulls & bears, etc.
    • Completed Module ASTRONOMY FOR BEGINNERS at S.P.A.C.E

    • Hindi(Mother Tongue), English(IELTS-7.5), French(DELF A2 certified)

    Thanking You
    Yours sincerely
    Kamal Gupta

    • Posted by - Thomas Graf - on 4 October 2013 - 3:57pm

      Dear Kamal,

      thank you for your question. I think you have a great CV and will receive the invitation for an interview at some if not most of the schools that you listed. Of course, it always depends on the quality of other applications - but in general, you are fine.

      This means that your decision - at the end of the day - will not depend on the schools or from how many schools you become invited but rather on your preferences.

      I would not see any problem in the CEMS drop. This is a great partnership of business schools and employers and as long as the long-term tendency is not indicating a drop year by year, i would not care about some positions more or less.

      At the current stage, I recommend you closer analyze the profiles of these schools and programs so that you can rank them according to your preferences (assuming that ideally they would all accept you).

      (1a) Clarify your career preferences:
      What do you want to do after your Master? Which industry, country, employer?

      (1b) See how the school matches with your career goals:
      Fidn out through the websites and by contacting the schools which employers recruit at that campus, where the graduates work afterward, and how many find a job within 3 months of graduating. Check also if the school has experience with students of your nationality.

      (2) Clarify your expectations on the curriculum or structure:
      Do you want to become an entrepreneur. Maybe, IE would be good for you as they include entrepreneurship in their curriculum and offer a business plan competition. Do you want to work in consulting as you indicated: Do the schools offer consulting as courses? Do you want to work during the program? Which programs offer internships or a gap year? This could help you find your future employer.

      (3) Contact students
      Ask the schools' admission offices to bring you in contact with current and ex students - ideally of your nationality. Thsi provides you with hands on information.

      In other words, try to clarify clearly what you want and then compare each program one by one and in very detailed way. This process may be tedious but you only have few schools to compare and at the end of the day you will profit from this analysis by making the right decision.

      best wishes

      By Thomas Graf