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  • Posted by Abhishek Aggarwal on 03/21/19 10:12am

    Good Morning Everyone!
    Greetings from India!

    I had a query regarding my profile for MiM courses. I have completed my undergrad in Mathematics and Computing Engineering from Delhi Technological University(GPA:8.02) and post that I have worked with PwC(PriceWaterHouseCoopers) for about 17 months as a Technology Consultant. I have a GMAT score of 680(Q:48, V:34). I am also currently pursuing CFA level 1(June). I have left my job in Jan to pursue preparation for CFA. Can I apply for Mim courses this fall or is it too late to apply and I should focus on next fall?(Most courses have round 4 deadlines left)
    What do you guys think? Any help would be highly appreciated.
    Thanks a lot!

    Abhishek Aggarwal

  • Posted by thomas.graf on 03/21/19 4:47pm

    Hi there,

    I would apply for entry this fall (=2019), For entry in 2020 you may have too much work experience and become eligible for an MBA (instead of an MIM).

    Best wishes,

    By Thomas Graf
    Author of the MIM eBook