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  • Posted by kumar_him on 11/07/12 7:08pm


    I am planning to apply for MiM program 2013 intake. Following is my profile summary:

    Profile Summary


    • GMAT 620 (Q50, V25), AWA Awaited
    • Undergrad: Delhi College of Engineering(DCE) - One of the Top 10 Engineering Schools in India, Percentage - 64%, B.E. Civil Engineering (Year of Passing - 2011)
    • Ranked in top 1000 from 200,000 in DCE's Entrance Exam
    • C.B.S.E. XII - 83.6%
    • C.B.S.E. X - 84.4%


    1. Intern at a Non-Profit Organization, Centre for Science and Environment, for 2 months

      • Role - Worked on the planning of Rainwater Harvesting Units for Kumaon Engineering College, Dwarahat, Uttrakhand., India
        • Worked on the editing of technical report on Rainwater Harvesting for Science Centre, Marchak, Sikkim, India
        • Worked on the costing of Rainwater Harvesting Units for Anil Agarwal Green College, Tughlakabad, New Delhi, India
    2. Intern at Public Works Department Delhi, which is the premier agency of Govt. of NCT of Delhi engaged in planning, designing, construction and maintenance of Government assets in the field of built environment and infrastructure development.
      • Role - Worked on the design of foot over bridge at Satyaniketan, New Delhi, India
        • Worked on the project of strengthening of ring road from Dhaula Kuan Flyover to C.O.D cut, New Delhi, India

    Work Experience:

    • Worked as Consultant for 11 months in Polaris Financial Technology Ltd. - one of the top financial technology firms in the world.
    • Role - Worked on Automated Risk Integrated System Software to provide solutions on credit risks for Citibank
      • Developed prototypes for the Credit Risk Analysis(CRA) for Citibank using Adobe Flex Technology
      • Worked on Credit Initiation Module and Collateral Administration Module for Credit Risk Analysis for Citibank


    • Managed and Organized PARADIGM 2010 (BRIDGE MAKING CONTEST, INNOVA 2010) – PARADIGM is a bridge making competition conducted under INNOVA
    • Won the Second Prize in PARADIGM (BRIDGE MAKING CONTEST, INNOVA 2009)
    • Won the third prize in STRUCTURE-D (STRUCTURE MAKING CONTEST, INNOVA 2009)

    Note:- INNOVA is the annual technical festival held on the National level in Delhi College of Engineering (DCE), Delhi, India.

    Career Goals:

    • To gain leadership and business skills to develop solid business acumen
    • To get into Strategy consulting and work for Top Brands.

    Target Schools:

    • HEC Paris
    • ESCP Europe
    • Essec Business School, France
    • IE Business School, Spain
    • ESADE Business School, Spain
    • Rotterdam School of Management Erasmus University, Netherlands
    • EMLYON Business School, France
    • EDHEC Business School, France
    • London School of Economics and Political Science, UK

    Based on the GMAT Score 620 and the above mentioned profile, Please suggest me the Business Schools out of the above mentioned list for which I have the best chances of getting into the MiM Program.

    Thanks and Regards

    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 11/08/12 1:34pm

      Hi there,

      thank you for your email. You have a great CV and you should have good chances to

      • either become invited for an interview
      • or in the absence of an interview receive admissions

      at most of the business schools of your list.

      Please understand that I cannot give you information on whether your chances are slightly higher at one school or lower at another schools. It may depend on many things - for example if the school already has many applications from people of your nationality, then it may be more difficult to get in (because the school wants diversity and may prefer applications from other countries).

      But I can tell you that your CV in general fits very well and - again - I am sure that you will receive admission at most schools in your list.

      Best wishes

    • Posted by pratik singh on 11/09/12 7:20am


      I am planning for MiM course for 2013 intake.

      I have completed my graduation in Mechanical Engg from Pune University with distinction in the final year.

      I have done my project internship form ZF Steering India.

      From July 2011, i have been working with Minda Valeo Security Systems (Auto Ancillary).

      My job profile is project management, which has a considerable amount of finance involved.

      **So with 18 months of experience, am i eligible for MiM in Finance/International Business?

      I wanted to inquire this because most of the MiM related programs gave me an indication that it is mostly for fresh graduates.**

      Also, i cannot apply for an MBA because the colleges i want have a minimum criteria of 3 years of work experience. (I will be completing 18 months in jan'13).

      I have scheduled my GMAT for March'13.

      • Posted by Thomas Graf on 11/09/12 9:13am

        Hi there,

        the Financial Times publishes a Master in Finance Ranking on a yearly base categorized in pre-experienced and in post-experience programs.

        The Pre-Experience Ranking lists 35 programs that focus on fresh graduates. But focussing on fresh graduates doesn't mean that people with 18 months of work experience are excluded. So, if you like some schools here I would still contact them and ask.

        The Post-Experience Ranking lists only four schools that target people with work experience.
        But targetting people with work experience can mean that they require more than 18 months. Hence, if you like a program here you may still contact and ask them.

        Unfortunately, we don't have that factor ("How many years of professional experience required?" ) included in our Search Engine - so you will need to check this out program by program.

        But my general guess is that your 18 month sof work experience should NOT be a problem in most Masters in Finance programs. Would be great if you could share your experience with us in the next months.

        One more recommendation: You may want to search for Masters in Finance that explicitly require a first degree in business or economics. If I read your CV in the right way you have sufficient pre-experience in finance that you don't want to start from the scratch again. Hence, I would use the Entry Requirement Filter in our Search Engine and directly search only for programs that do require a first degree in business or economics.

        Best wishes

      • Posted by pratik singh on 11/19/12 6:52am

        Hi Thomas,

        Thanks for your reply.

        Have noted your points. I'll go through the "Entry Requirement Filter in Search Engine" as suggested and get back to you.

        Meanwhile i am on the verge of finalizing my list of universities. I'll share that as soon as i am done with it.



  • Posted by Neelam Joshi on 12/22/17 1:18am

    I am planning for MiM 2018 intake.
    I have scored 308 in GRE (Q-158, V-148)
    B. Tech CGPA is 4.15 out of 5 (From a Central Government University)
    IELTS- 6.5
    I have 18 months work experience as an HR and Business analyst in a startup.
    I did NCC and NSS during my B. Tech course (With a certificate in NCC)
    What are my chances for universities I have shortlisted??

    HEC Paris
    ESCP Europe
    Essec Business School, France
    IE Business School, Spain
    ESADE Business School, Spain
    EMLYON Business School, France
    EDHEC Business School, France

  • Posted by thomas.graf on 12/22/17 8:40am

    Hi there,

    you find the detailed eligibility criteria and sepection criteria, based on in-depth interviews with admissions manages, in my eBook "The MIM - Entry Requirements for the Master in Management". Among the 54 programs included in this survey, you find the admissiosn criteria of:

    • HEC Paris
    • ESCP
    • ESSEC
    • IE
    • ESADE
    • EDHEC

    You won't find any better source for understanding what these schools really want, what their primary and secondary selection criterion is, what they expect in GMAT or GRE tests, what they recommend for the interview preparation or if they conduct interviews at all.

    And you find both in this eBook survey: (1) a sumary of admission criteria across all 54 Masters in Management and (2) each individual answer from each business school.

    Best wishes

    By Thomas Graf
    Owner MIM Compass
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