Is 690 a deal breaker for MiM

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  • Posted by paladinanx on 11/20/12 11:24am

    As my subject suggests, I'm apprehensive of my chances of getting into a top MiM or MiF program with a GMAT score of 690/800. I haven't received my AWA and IR scores yet. I've noticed that I do fall withing a 30 point radius of all programs but is that good enough to ignore my low GMAT score.

    I honestly believe that if I were to give the GMAT again, I would probably only be able to increase my score marginally.
    I am in the last year of my degree college and have no idea of my GPA as it's not quite followed in India and I plan to get it calculated once my final year is over.

    Schools to which I applied to during my GMAT were St Gallens(SIM), HEC Paris(MIF), LBS(MIM), Oxford Said(MIF) and Frankfurt School of Finance and Management(MIF).

    My academics in the degree course are average on account of me balancing my Internships(have been interning for 3 years now), my Chartered Accountancy course and College itself. I am from the top Commerce college of my city and I have had excellent scored till my 12th grade.

    My co-curricular activities have included- Captaining the School Football Team- Does this even count?
    Playing Basketball on Inter School level and representing my school for athletic meets.

    I have internship experience at a Small Size Chartered Accountancy Firm and a top mid size firms. And in the near future I am going to join an investment bank for exposure in finance. I am looking to the 2014 admits primarily.

    I know this post is monotonous and probably not that well written, I apologize for the same but I would appreciate an honest opinion.

    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 11/20/12 3:09pm

      Hi there,

      thank you for your message. First of all, your message is not monotonous at all - at least not for me. You seem to have done a lot in your life and I perceive your cv as pretty interesting.

      As for your questions, I am a bit surprised about your doubts regarding your GMAT score. Let me calm you down and mention that 690 is a top GMAT score and you belong to the best 10% or something in the world. Not only that many MIM or MIF programs don't require the GMAT - but even more, your score is so good that you probably will be far above the average GMAT score of your program fellows (note: program fellows, not applicants). This score will be a spike in your cv.

      I also think that your internship experience and the CFA activity will be further spikes. Being a captain in a football team is a nice-to-have add on. It will not bringt you in a program but it will not hurt and it makes you even a little bit more interesting as it shows your activities and that you prooved as a leader in the past (even if it's only in sports and not in business).

      Overall, I am pretty sure that most schools at least let you pass the first application round (if they have several ones) and invite you for instance for an interview. Some may directly offer you acceptance.

      Overall, I would try to focus on improving your final grades in your undergraduate studies and be confident that you will find access to a great school for your masters.

      Best wishes

    • Posted by paladinanx on 11/20/12 4:32pm

      Thomas, thanks a lot for the quick response. I feel much better :).