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Deferring Joining

  • Posted by - wanderer - on 24 September 2016 - 9:40am

    Hi all,

    I had a doubt regarding the procedure for deferring admissions to an MiM program by a year, in the event of securing an admit. I have a valid reason to do so.

    1. Would it be advisable to ask the admission officials directly about it or ask them anonymously as I wouldn't want the question to affect my chances.
    2. Also is it better to pop the question before sending your application or after getting the admit?
    3. Do different colleges have different policies regarding the same or is it standard?


    • Posted by - Thomas Graf - on 26 September 2016 - 11:53am

      Hi there,

      thank you for your question.

      As to my best knowledge (and particularly in the case of international quality business schools), you receive a "valid until date"with your letter of admission - and this "valid until" lasts for another entry (e.g., the entry in a year later). But indeed I cannot speak for all business schools and this practice may change. So, you should ask.

      I would contact the admission offices of your school now and simply ask - whether via email or via phone call - how long your admission letter is valid. For instance, you can say

      • that you like the school and seriously consider applying in the program XY
      • that you are not sure, however, if you will start the program (in case of an admission letter) this year or next year and that it depends in private things that you cannot influence now.
      • that would would like to know how long a letter of admissions is valid

      There is nothing wrong about it and then you have a reliable answer.

      Best wishes

      By Thomas Graf
      Owner MIM Compass
      Author of the MIM eBook