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  • Posted by samarpitarya on 09/27/13 8:56pm

    I took the GMAT today, the score was lower than expected. On my first attempt I got 610, this time it was 680.
    I am from India, have very good extra curricular activities.
    University champion- Lawn Tennis,Badminton.
    District chess champion.
    Played division 3 county cricket for warwickshire.
    Done considerable amount of social service.

    Did my engineering in Petroleum(which is itself unique)
    GPA was average- 6.8/10
    Cleared IIT-JEE(the toughest engineering entrance exam in India)

    Currently working with Accenture Services pvt ltd.(joined in jan-2013)
    So work ex would be 1.5 years at the time of joining.

    What are my chances for HEC(MIM) with this profile.

    Last year got through Edhec with a score of 610 and even got a distinction scholarship but I decided not to go for it.

    Please help.
    Thank you in advance.

    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 09/28/13 6:32pm

      Hi there,

      thank you for your question. Your GMAT is great because the HEC Paris expects a minimum of 630 or 640. Your GPA may too low as the HEC expects top scores in your first studies. Extra curricular activities don't count much.

      Hence, you may still become invited for the interviews, depending on the quality of the other applications the HEC receives. But you may also become rejected - so I recommend you to develop a Plan B.

      Best wishes

      By Thomas Graf

    • Posted by samarpitarya on 09/28/13 8:50pm

      Thank you very much Thomas for your honest and quick opinion.
      I just want to clarify one thing- since I did my bachelors from a college which is one of the best in the country for petroleum studies and the grading is very tough. My GPA is considered as first division or honors. So won't it help me? And what about the work ex, I mean won't it compensate a little for the GPA part?

      And considering that all these factors are not enough, do I have a shot in EMLYON or ESSEC? And what about Stockholm school of economics for MSc In general management?

      Please clarify the above doubts.

      Thanks in advance

      • Posted by Thomas Graf on 09/29/13 2:42pm

        Hi there,

        please accept my apologies for the misunderstanding. If your GPA is top, you should have good chances at HEC. I just know that they use the GPA as primary criterion for inviting for the interviews. So I recommend you to make clear in your application what your GPA means - also for other other schools.

        Work experience may also become taken into account. In case of HEC, it is just counted less than academic grades.

        In general, I am confident that you have good chances at all these mentioned schools.

        All the best

        By Thomas Graf

    • Posted by samarpitarya on 10/30/13 4:23pm

      Hi Sir,

      I applied to HEC, ESCP and EMLYON through SAI and got selected for interview with all the three schools. But i noticed that ESCP has selected 180 students for the interview.

      Q1) Can you please tell me that what is the approximate number of students who get selected?

      Q2) Does HEC also selects so many candidates for the interview?

      Q3) What are my chances with this profile to get accepted in HEC and ESCP?

      Thank you very much in advance.

      Samarpit Arya

      • Posted by Thomas Graf on 11/01/13 4:08pm

        Hi there,

        thank you for your question. I have sent my contact at HEC and will let you know once I receive an answer.

        As for your chances to receive admission, keep in mind that particularly HEC but also ESCP Europe target the people with the best academic record. I think I mentioned that already above. So, the higher your GPA, the higher your chances. Often schools take into account the institution where students achieved their undergraduate degree. And then they assess if a specific GPA means that the student was top 5%, top 10% etc. at that institution.

        As for the GMAT, HEC seems to expect a minimum of around 640, but many students from India have 700 and more.

        Overall, it is not possible to assess your chances of getting in. If I was you, I would definitely apply somewhere else as well - just to have a plan B.

        best wishes

        By Thomas Graf

      • Posted by Sleed on 04/16/14 3:27pm

        Hello Thomas,

        Did you receive an answer to the question from smarpitarya (quoted below) from your contact at HEC Paris? It would be interesting to know if the number of "short-listed" at HEC is the same as the one for ESCP. Additionally, do you know how many receive admission offers from HEC?


        samarpitarya Wrote:

        Hi Sir,

        I applied to HEC, ESCP and EMLYON through SAI and
        got selected for interview with all the three
        schools. But i noticed that ESCP has selected 180
        students for the interview

        > Q1) Can you please tell me that what is the
        approximate number of students who get selected?

        > Q2) Does HEC also selects so many candidates for
        the interview?

    • Posted by ankit02 on 11/08/13 5:18am

      Hi Thomas Sir,

      I applied to HEC, ESCP, Skema and EMLYON through SAI and got selected for interview with all the four schools.

      Sir, my question is what are my chances to get accepted in HEC and ESCP?

      GMAT Score 650

      I have done Mechanical Engineering with 7.93/10 CGPA

      Have 1.5 yr of experience in a leading Automotive company.

      Done a lot of social work

      Team leader for our college BAJA SAEINDIA team, BAJA is about engineering and designing an All Terrain Vehicle, it is a racing event.

      I am desperate to get into ESCP or HEC, please sir suggest what are my chances.

    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 11/10/13 11:25pm

      Hi there,

      thank you for your question. Some comments from my side. If you have 1.5 years of work experience, you are very close to an MBA candidate. Usually, for an MBA people should have a minimum of 3 years work experience but some schools also accept 2 years. Hence, in case you don't want to do a Master in Management for whatever reasons, you always have the option to work a bit more and then apply for an MBA program.

      As for your question on specific schools, HEC and also ESCP are very selective schools. They receive many applications and require strong academic achievements and high GMAT scores. For the HEC, a minimum of 630 or 640 GMAT score is required. The average score if 710. With 650, you still have the chance to become accepted as you fulfill the minimum requirements but you will not impress anyone. As for the 7.93/10 CGPA, I don't know how good this score is. E.g., is it vest 15% in class? Or best 10% or best 5%? If the score is a good or very good but not a top score, then again you have a disadvantage vis-a-vis other HEC applicants.

      At the moment, you still have the chance to get admission at HEC. You have been invited to the interview - so do your best to impress them there. This interview may account for about 20 percent of the final decision if you get admission or not.

      Th ESCP may have similar requirements as the HEC. Again, the good news is that you are in. The "bad" news that you may have lower chances than others. Because of that, it is good that you applied at other schools such as the EM Lyon as well.

      Overall, I am confident that you will receive admission at a school that you like. And I am not saying that HEC or ESCP will not accept you. All I am saying is: Don't be too much disappointed if you don't get admission here and prepare a plan B.

      Best wishes and best of luck!

      By Thomas Graf

    • Posted by iamsukant on 01/21/14 2:06am

      Hey thomas,
      I have just given my GMAT and Scored 680, i have a good CGPA of 8.57/10, which is roughly around top 15% of my class, I also have a strong Extra curricular background involving Entrepreneurship club and a international business case competition, I am a mechanical engineering student from India from a top private engineering college, can i clear HEC MIM, when should i apply, that is for which session

      • Posted by Thomas Graf on 01/22/14 12:20pm

        Hi there,

        thank you for your question. You have very good chances of being invited for the interview and you can apply any time. As you may have seen, HEC has several admission periods and for intake Sept 2014 there are two left (March 7, and April 22). So if you want to start in Sept 2014, you can apply now.

        Best wishes

        By Thomas Graf

        • Posted by Thomas Graf on 01/22/14 12:43pm

          The Global Entrepreneurship program from EM Lyon, Purdue, and Zhejiang may also be interesting for you. Truly international, with studies in the US, Europe, and Asia.

          best wishes

    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 05/07/14 4:05pm

      Hi there,

      here is what I received:

      On average and depending on the session, HEC admits 10-15% of the MIM candidates. On average, 2 candidates of 3 are admitted after interview.

      Best wishes

      To search for and analyze MIM programs, read my ebook: 'Roadmap to your Master in Business Degree 2014'
      By Thomas Graf

  • Posted by Tanmay Saxena on 07/31/19 3:37pm

    Please me with what score should I target to get hec, essec or escp ?
    I have 7.68/10 cgpa equivalent to 76.8% or 4 GPA.......passed in 2018........ NO Work experience except an internship from a factory, which is now closed due to some new governmental rules.
    I had been a member of Rotaract Club sponsored by Rotary International for social works (High-school Time)
    Won a talent test and got a gold medal in one olympiad talent exam and also earned certificates in many exams at my schooling
    Then at my graduation, I had been the head or coordinator or organiser of 6 events
    I participated and got 4 certificates in some entrepreneurship-oriented competition at my college
    Then I got a certificate in TALL BUILDING STRUCTURES from one of the prestigious institutions of India, INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY
    Then I was the campus ambassador of one of the top management college of India, Indian Institute Of Management, Banglore.

    Then I did some online certificate programs from some great universities -- ESSEC (Marketing Analytics), HEC (Leadership- Souvoir Relier), THE WHARTON (Introduction to marketing), University of California (Time management)

    Sir, please guide me, I am losing much-required confidence due to this one year gap.
    Your guidance will be very helpful to usher me toward my goal

  • Posted by thomas.graf on 07/31/19 10:36pm

    Hi there,

    In the survey the MIM - Entry requirements for the Master in Management you learn about the admissions criteria that 53 international MIM programs apply to select their students. This includes HEC, ESSEC and ESCP.

    Best wishes,

    By Thomas Graf
    Author of the MIM eBook

  • Posted by Chaturvedi on 09/29/19 12:57pm

    Hi Thomas,

    I did my first Bachelors in Biotechnology and got 5.6 CGPA, then worked in a couple of MNCs for sales operations and HR operations, Accenture Being one of them.

    Currently pursuing my second bachelors (halfway thorugh) have a score of 8.6 CGPA, (probably within 15% of the class). Took up special electives from other streams ranging from Fashion, media studies, languages, computer science.

    My current degree is a Bachelors degree in Business administration with a concentration in Business analytics. Also simultaneously working in nightshift for HR operations at Accenture. Once I'm done with my degree, will try to work for 2-3 years in Business analytics and hen apply for a masters degree. By then I will be having roughly 7-8 years of total experience.

    I've also started my own company which is into educational content delivery (plan to expand into business consulting and venture funding in the future) and a YouTube channel. I've taken part in a few co-curricular activities in college during my second bachelors. I was a class representative as well, if that counts. I took a GMAt 4 years back, scored 675. Will take another one in the future, might be able to push it up a little bit to a near 700.

    Now here's the challenging part. My question is :

    I'm specifically looking at HEC and I'm looking at any of the following programs:

    • MSc. Strategy,
      MSc Data Science for Business X - HEC
      MSc X-HEC Entrepreneurs

    What are my chances? and how do I improve my chances? What else can I try out keeping in mind that I'm very specific about HEC.

  • Posted by thomas.graf on 09/30/19 11:00am


    first recommendation: Read the survey The MIM - Entry requirements for the Master in Management and specifically the answers from HEC Paris.

    Second recommendation: Contact HEC Paris (e.g. using the contact button at and tell them that you would be very happy to get in contact with one of their students - before that, you tell them a it about yourself and that you are very interested in their programs). Once you are in contact with a student you can interview him or her.

    Third recommendation: Show HEC Paris your CV and ask them if there is anything you could improve your chances - ideally you do this via a Masters fair such as the Master Days where HEC participates - or via email.

    Best wishes,

    By Thomas Graf
    Author of the MIM eBook