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Masters in Management | Part 3

Sabrina · 2016 - 2017

Published: 1 July 2021 | by Sabrina

Sabrina is from Australia and started a Masters in Management (MIM) at London Business School in 2016. In her third blog, she talks about the differences between the first and the second term at London Business School.

Term 2 wrap-up

I can’t believe I’m two thirds of the way through my master’s degree at London Business School (LBS) – and what an amazing journey it has been. Taking the Masters in Management (MiM) is undoubtedly the best decision I’ve ever made.

In this blog post I’ll talk about the differences between Term 1 and Term 2 and what I did over my Easter break.

How Term 1 was different to Term 2

The first term is all about recruitment and interviews. Term 2 is more about finding your place at LBS and what you want from the experience. I wanted to go on treks to Ghana, South Africa, the Balkans and Greece, to attend the IESE Barcelona games, MBAT and NYC GIFT, and join more clubs to indulge my passions for board games, tennis and touch rugby.

Helping out the MiM/MFA (Masters in Financial Analysis) admissions team with more recruitment activities, getting to know people from other programmes and making new friends outside the School were also on the agenda.

My weekly schedule for Term 2

• Monday – touch rugby training, a full day of classes followed by a relaxing evening
• Tuesday – a full day of classes and then joining fellow students to play board games
• Wednesday – half a day of classes, before heading to the Toastmasters club
• Thursday – seminars until 3pm, have an afternoon nap and then head to Sundowners, a weekly get together for the entire LBS community
• Friday – training with the LBS Tennis Club, followed by some downtime before heading to a house party or two
• Saturday – touch rugby training in the morning and school assignments in the afternoon. Head to the Windsor for drinks before going to an Executive MBA social event (crazy golf, darts or ballet). Then head to an LBS alumni house party or go for drinks
• Sunday – sleep in and then spend the afternoon with the Board Games Club, which is run by five Aussie MBA students who really know how to play.

Helping the MiM/MFA admissions team

One of my favourite things is to give back to the School. So far, my most rewarding experience with the MiM/MFA admissions team is advising someone about applying to LBS and knowing they were later accepted.

As a student ambassador, I’ve been heavily involved in speaking to new students. It’s not compulsory when you join LBS, but I highly recommend it as a way to give back to a community that gives so much to you.

Student ambassadors are encouraged to sign up for coffee chats with prospective students, attend recruitment events and help run admit ones, and be guest speakers at webinars. It’s a great way to help answer any questions and to get to know the new MIM class.

Getting to know people on other programmes

One thing I love about LBS is the people. Once admitted, you’ll see people from different programmes all hanging out together at School events such as Sundowners every Thursday, where you get free drinks and food, and professional talks involving guest speakers from a range of companies.

We also spend time together at social events, travel the globe for business treks or holidays or hang out in the School’s library or the Nash Lounge.

I particularly like Sundowners (my New Year’s resolution was never to miss one when in London), Executive MBA social evenings, MiM2015 and MiM2016 gatherings and events, Australia/New Zealand Club alumni events and board games on a Sunday. Whether you’re into sports, hiking or nerdy games, there’s something for everyone.

Easter break

Once Term 2 ended, I headed on treks to Ghana and South Africa. The Ghana trek was with 17 other LBS students from the MBA, Executive MBA and MiM programmes. We were split into groups of three and worked as volunteers on projects ranging from local schools and orphanages to microfinance.

Students on the Ghana trek represented many nations such as Greece, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Czech Republic, the UK, Vietnam, China and Hong Kong. Other student nationalities included Russian, Italian, Brazilian, Nigerian, Polish, Swiss, German and Japanese. After Ghana, I then headed to South Africa with 29 other students for an adventure trek involving long hikes, safari parks and animal watching.

My first block week during the Easter break was spent doing Pricing Strategy and Tactics, one of the School’s top-rated electives because of the guest speakers. They included American Airlines’ group director and the pricing strategy partner for the global management consulting firm Simon Kucher & Partners. I also took the Energy Markets, Models and Strategies block week, an intensive elective to learn more about energy and related fields.

As well as going on treks and taking block weeks, I also went to the IESE Barcelona Games.
The LBS team – comprising 50 footballers, six sailors (including myself) and two beach volleyball players – competed with many other MBA universities such as IE Madrid, IESE Barcelona, INSEAD and HEC Paris. We had a lot of fun, and LBS actually won the men’s and women’s football events!

My second term has flown by - in my third term, I’m looking forward to a Global Immersion Field Trip to New York City to broaden my understanding of global business, and will hopefully go on one or two more treks.

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