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Master in Management | Part 2

Edwina · 2014 - 2015

Published: 15 February 2017 | by Edwina

About time from November/October until now

The time has absolutely flown past! Since starting the pre-program in September and finishing the first trimester just before Christmas, I have had an incredible time making friends from all over the world, studying hard, and enjoying Madrid!

We kicked off the MIM experience, with a welcome party thrown by program management in coordination with the student ambassadors from the previous MIM intake. IE kindlyarranged a huge venue exclusively for the MIM and Masters in Finance (MIF) students, with drinks, canapés and of course Spanish music. This was our first official party together as a cohort, and it was a lot of fun catching up with, and making new friends over some drinks. It was also for many people a first taste of the Madrid nightlife (but definitely not the last!).

However, I won’t lie from almost day one the work really began. Group assignments, case preparation, presentations… we hit the ground running!
Our September intake is around 300 students, which was divided into 6 sections of between 40-65 people (4 taught in English and 2 in Spanish). Within each section students were assigned a work group/team of between 6-7 people, whom you end up spending most of your time with over the next term. Most classes have group projects and group work, meaning it is important that you work well within your group and make the most of your time together. My group was very diverse (and mostly boys!), which made for interesting group ‘discussions’… Given the broad range of subjects we study, we decided to play to the strengths of our group and divided work accordingly. Our finance star tackled the numbers and tutored the rest of us, while our more creative types managed Marketing and Organisational Behaviour. As a team we worked very hard over the term, and I’m really proud to say that it really paid off!

A day in the life of a Master in Management

A normal week for me is class from9:00am to 2:50pm, with 2 - 3 sessions of classes, followed by 'team meetings' with my work group. Each class session is 80 minutes in length, with breaks between double sessions. I will admit, at first I was a little hesitant about the group work structure, but its proven to be quite fun and the best way to manage the huge workload. Given my business background, I found that the classes were not actually too conceptually difficult but rather just required a lot of work to keep on top of everything. Our timetable really lent itself to adapting to Spanish life, finishing class at 3 I would usually go for lunch with friends from class to one of the many restaurants or cafes around Calle Maria de Mollina, and when it is possible enjoy a siesta! Although during the week the majority of my time is spent with the people in my section, I have made great friends from other sections, which can be a nice break and its always nice to hear what they are up to in other parts of the MIM.

The Students make it worth it...

While a large proportion of students come from business backgrounds or management degrees, there are plenty of students in my class who have never touched business in their life. For example in my section we have Architecture and Psychology graduates, who really add unique perspectives to class discussions. Additionally, the course is extremely culturally diverse which I love – there are students from literally everywhere, meaning I now have a place to stay whenever I travel!As expected there are plenty of Europeans, but also many,many Latin Americans, and students from Asia. Sadly the IE allure hasn’t quite reached Australia yet,and I am the only Aussie in the MIM this year– but I hope to change this when I return home!

I am so thankful for the amazing friends I have made so far in Madrid through the MIM. It’s crazy to think back and remember that I barely knew these people just 6 months ago, and now so many feel like family. Also, the fact that the majority of students live close by the IE campus in barrio Salamanca means that there is always someone close by to hang out with and have a laugh, enjoy a meal or even to help you study – which creates a great sense of community. All of my closest friends live within a 5-minute walk of my apartment, so we have great nights cooking for each other, sharing stories and hanging out.

Highlights & Activities

While studying has taken up a large part of my time, I have managed to get away and explore different parts of Spain during the weekends. Two of my favourite visits were to Segovia to the North of Madrid, and Toledo just south. My first trip to Segovia was for our MIM ‘Opening Ceremony’ as IE has a campus located there for its undergraduate University programs. The city was stunning, and the ancient roman Aqueduct was an incredible sight, I only wish I had a chance to climb up! Toledo was another easy day trip just half an hour on the train, with lots to see around the walled city. The high gothic style cathedral of Toledo was undoubtedly the highlight, with impressive frescos and the most elaborate gold altarpiece; we stayed inside for over 2 hours.

IE has a very active clubs and campus life, which is a great way to get involved with the school, and meet people with similar interests. After meeting the president of the Club, I joined the Net Impact Club and immediately volunteered myself for the annual Social Responsibility Forum (SRF). This was a fantastic 2 day event that exposed students to a broad range of issues involving social responsibility, with workshops, speakers, and panel sessions inspiring students to make an impact by leading change across the world. It was also interesting to hear from representatives from impressive companies such as McKinsey, Acumen Fund and Deloitte, to understand their approach to corporate social standards and what they are doing to encourage social responsibility in the workplace.

Looking forward...

Starting the new second term is a little daunting, as it means that we only have 6 months to go! However, I am excited to see what’s in store for me, and amparticularly looking forward to the specialisation period where I will begin focusing on ‘Digital Business’. Until next time!

- Edwina

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