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MSc in Management | Part 2

Sreejata · 2011 - 2012

Published: 9 March 2017 | by Sreejata

The Path to our Dreams…

Hi Friends,

Let me first take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy and a prosperous New Year. May this year bring in loads of good stuffs in your careers and bring in more happiness to you and your families. Time just flies away and we keep getting busy in our lives. For me, it was just that day when I landed in Manchester knowing no one around me. But today I am in my second semester of my Master in Management course which is a step further ahead in my career. In this blog, I will speak about my journey through the first semester along with the learning gained in this journey so far.

What was the first MSc Management semester about?

Our first semester of the MIM course was very intensive with modules of Corporate Strategy, Accounting, Marketing Management and Foundations of Management. These modules provided a complete understanding of an organization from their marketing, financial and strategic point of view. Also, it taught us the history about the birth of management. Through a detailed analysis of various real time case studies, it helped in providing a broad overview of how a firm is formed and organized and functioned towards achieving its objectives.

After the first semester, a very strong foundation has been built in management. There were various group assignments and activities throughout the semester. These assignments gave me the golden chance to know my classmates and understand their cultural backgrounds which is very important according to me. Knowing them from various aspects has helped me in broadening my views and thoughts through exchange of ideas.

International Exposure and Networking as parts of a MIM program

This is what we say International exposure: knowing people from diverse cultural backgrounds, religions, countries and understanding them and learning to respect their thoughts and values as well as telling them about our culture and country. The more we interact with our classmates, the more we get to learn different things from them and eventually they become our lifetime friends. Interacting with my classmates has made me realize that I am amidst the big pool of highly experienced individuals which can help me in gaining a lot of insights about the world around me.

Getting a Management Master Degree in UK: Networking and Opportunities

As mentioned in my previous blog, networking is one of the main reasons for me to choose Manchester Business School. It is very important to start networking from the day we step in to our university and that’s what I did. Participating in various networking events organized by our B-school opened the doors for me to meet various MBA and PhD students of MBS. Discussing my ideas and future plans with them definitely helped me in knowing many things which at the same time provided me the chance of getting involved in many clubs of the MBA group.

Also becoming a member of the international society is just not enough. There are various projects undertaken by them and stepping forward as a volunteer in these projects taught me many new things as well as got me introduced to new friends from different countries. This gave me more confidence in performing my tasks successfully. The opportunities are many and in abundance. It is just that we have to explore out of our own interest and my passion for my interests has given me the golden key to the various opportunities and activities which I always wanted to do in life.

Job Market for Graduates in Times of Crises: A good Career Service is more important than ever

For international students, the job market is getting little tougher and tougher day by day due to several economic factors. But the doors have not been completely closed. It completely lies in our interests and our seriousness of finding a job. The job application process takes a lot of time so it will be highly recommended to start hunting for jobs as soon as possible before the deadlines expire.

The University of Manchester has a very good career services which help us in making CVs, covering letters and all the required documents needed for the various job applications. They even run various workshops and presentations where they give us a real feel of the actual procedures for the jobs. Attending these sessions and workshops has given me a brief idea of the actual scenarios that take place during the job placements. There will be various career fairs held all around the year where we get the chance to meet and interact with many employers helping us in understand their expectations from the candidates for the designated job roles. So, now it is all upon our efforts in shortlisting our dream jobs and applying for it.

A Dream come true... Studying at one of the best UK institutions

Before I conclude, I would like to say that studying in one of the best UK institutions is like a dream come true. But there is something more than this. We are here to change our perspectives and have a new identity in our career. We are here to grab as much as knowledge possible from the resources around us. We are here to do all those things which can give us a competitive edge over others. And we are here to make a change for ourselves and for the world.

Best Regards
Sreejata Bhattacharjee

Master of Science in Management 2011-2012
Manchester Business School

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