Munich Business School is the perfect spot for open-minded people who love to network and learn in an intercultural environment.

Fabian Süle, Germany
Institution:Munich Business School
Program:Master International Business

What did you do before this Master?

Before my master's degree, I have studied at St. Francis College in Brooklyn, New York City. I. had the opportunity go abroad through a sports scholarship and pursue my bachelor's degree in Business Management and Finance.

Why did you decide to do this Master?

After my bachelor's degree I first contemplated on staying in the states. As this turned out to be difficult, I decided to come back to Germany to do my master's degree. It was important for me to find a university that is well structured and recognized, but above all that gives me the opportunity to stay in an international environment. Studying International Business with a concentration in Finance and Family Firms allowed me to further extend the knowledge I had acquired throughout my bachelor's degree.

Why did you choose Munich Business School?

Munich Business School offered a great and unique package that fulfilled my criteria. I really wanted to join MBS because it has the reputation of having a diverse and intercultural student community, which to this day is a very important factor in developing one's personality.

What did you experience during the program?

Throughout my studies, I have met and learnt from great personalities, whether it was other students or professors. I really liked the opportunity to go on a semester abroad again, having small sized classes as well as being able to be taught by professors who can look back on experiences and successes in different industries. Overall, it provided the optimal setting to grow as a human being while also allowing to build the theoretical foundation for my career.

Would you recommend this program to others?

Munich Business School is the perfect spot for open-minded people who love to network and learn in an intercultural environment. The univeristy does a great job in providing great lecturers and professors, an impeccable learning culture and moreover enables students to engage in activities that go beyond ordinary school measures.

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