I have found the first term of the programme to be an incredibly rewarding experience.

Laura Sofia Schwald, Germany
Institution:ESADE Business School
Program:Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

What's your background?

Before starting the MSc in International Management (MIM) at Esade, I completed my BSc in International Business Administration in Enschede, the Netherlands.

Why did you decide for a Master in Management?

As the last year of my Bachelor was approaching, I felt that I was up for a challenge and wanted to step out of my comfort zone. A master at a prestigious university far away from home seemed like the perfect fit to me.

Why did you choose the ESADE?

Esade appealed to me, as I always had wanted to improve my Spanish, had heard of its great reputation, and was inspired by its efforts to implement change. I felt that this university will help me to solidify my professional hard and soft skills and challenge me to think critically.

The MSc MIM programme is known for promoting open-mindedness and its challenging curriculum. Many alumni choose to enter the Consulting scene afterwards. Growing up in a trilingual environment, I always knew that I want to continue to work in a culturally diverse setting in the future. Therefore, I soon decided that this programme fit my goals and aspirations best.

My experiences so far have shown that indeed, if you are knowledge thirsty, are eager to take a leap out of the comfort zone, and want an engaging learning experience, this programme might be for you.

Any tips for future MIM candidates?

Be prepared to face difficulties. You will have to juggle both personal- and team related deadlines. You may find that, in the heat of exam preparations, cultural differences start to show, and conflicts may arise. Thought-provoking lectures may leave you questioning your own views and beliefs on other cultures and business history.

How is your impression of the program so far?

And yet, I have found the first term of the programme to be an incredibly rewarding experience. I have gained a clearer, more holistic view on the foundations of the business world and have learned to open my mind up to the different perspectives of a company’s stakeholders. The group-intensive nature of the course has highlighted to me my personal strengths and weaknesses and helped me to become a stronger communicator. I have met multiple like-minded people and am extremely happy in Barcelona.

Why would you recommend the MIM at the ESADE?

All in all, I would recommend this programme to those who seek to challenge themselves and are ready to become a better version of themselves than they were yesterday.

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