The bonds that were created will last far beyond the pure academic experience.

Azin Malek, Canada
Institution:University of St.Gallen, IfB
Program:Master of Arts in Strategy and International Management (SIM-HSG)

The SIM program is a highly recommended program not just by those who have received its education and benefits but also by the reputation that precedes it.

I personally heard about the program through a friend who had completed a bachelor’s degree at the University of St.Gallen. She was adamant that the program would meet my high academic expectations and help me to achievemy ambitious future career goals. I was searching for a program that would allow me to not only receive a great academic education but also to meet interesting people andbuild life-long relationships with individuals that share my level of ambition and passion for making a difference.

I am proud to say that the program definitely exceeded my expectations byoffering an academic curriculum that was dynamic and taught by a team of incredible professors who care about the relevancy of their topics to the real world. They left lecture time for discussion and debate about examples that were current and relevant to today’s topics. Beyond the excellent academic aspect of the program, I was especially delighted with the carefully selected group of students, each of whom had an amazing story to tell and a dynamic background with which to enrich the program.

I feel that I was part of a multinational family, and the bonds that were created will last far beyond the pure academic experience. It is difficult to place a value on these relationships, as they keep contributing more and more to my personal development. I meet SIM students and graduates everywhere I go — whether it be Munich, Zurich, Paris or Singapore or New York. It is impressive to see each of them develop further in their amazing careers and travel all over the world. The creation of SIM Hubs worldwide is allowingus to get together and share our progress, and this method of extending and expandingthe SIM program and spirit is priceless.

I would recommend this program because of its notable reputation, its academic rigor, its extracurricular team building workshops, the amazing team of dedicated professors and program directors, and the ever-growing community of vibrant SIMmies.

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