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  • Posted by pushkar on 05/23/13 8:11pm

    I am 6th on waiting list of MM from EM LYON spring session admission. They accepted 30 applications and mine is 36th and i am an international candidate. They have not provided any other information. Are applicants admitted from waiting list as ESCP and HEC are more preferred? Do i have any chance to get through? And since this is the last admission session for this year have my chances worsen?
    Pushkar Raghav

    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 06/07/13 11:59am

      Hi Pushkar,

      thank you for your question. I asked the EM Lyon, here is the answer:

      *We understand this question and are pretty used to get it. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to answer it precisely since the opening of the waiting list depends on the number of admitted students who will actually enroll.

      The number of admitted applicants who will enroll depends on various factors : financing capabilities, other school(s) when applicants have been admitted etc. so I regret it but I am not able to provide a precise answer. The highest the applicant is ranked, the more chances he has to get finally admitted but it is impossible to tell until which rank we will open the waiting list.

      The applicants on the waiting list are informed by e-mail when the waiting list opens and then they get admitted.

      I am sorry I cannot be more précised and I thank you for your understanding.*

      To be honest, I am confident that you will get in. It is pretty normal that people apply for several schools. This means, that not all people on a school's list will start the program in fact. And you are in the top ten of the waiting list. So, I wouldn't worry too much.

      Best wishes

      By Thomas Graf