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  • Posted by aditya2696 on 01/17/13 1:54pm


    I gave my GRE and scored 320 in that.I would like to know which are the colleges I can get at that marks.Also toefl is 108.

    Please,it would be really kind of you if you can help me



    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 01/17/13 3:10pm

      Hi Aditya,

      thank you for your question. At the moment, we have no overview or statistics which scools accept the GRE or what scores they require, unfortunately. In our new Master in Management Global Survey 2013 we have included a question on the GRE. The results will be available in early summer. We keep you informed through our website and newsletter.

      Best wishes

      • Posted by Thomas Graf on 01/17/13 3:13pm

        Hi again,

        I just found this list of schools that accept the GRE in their MBA program. If as school accepts the GRE in their MBA program it likely also accepts it in the Master in Management. I hope this helps.

        Best wishes

      • Posted by aditya2696 on 01/17/13 6:15pm

        Thank you very much Sir.I converted my GRE scores to gmat and they are around 670.I am looking for admissions to HEC Paris,WBS,LBS.I do have some volunteering experience too,will this be enough to get into them?
        Thank you

        • Posted by Thomas Graf on 01/17/13 6:22pm

          Hi there,

          a GMAT score of 670 is excellent. If someone should not become accepted at these schools with such a score then it will not be because of your GMAT score.

          Best wishes

          • Posted by aditya2696 on 01/21/13 7:46pm

            what are the colleges I can expect at that score
            Is Lse,lsb,wsb,hec possible to get?

            • Posted by Thomas Graf on 01/22/13 11:01am

              Hi Aditya,

              670 is a top GMAT score and no MIM program will reject you BECAUSE of this score. They may reject for other reasons - for example, if your interviews don't work well, if your essays are not written well etc, - but the will not reject you because of the GMAT score.

              Moreover, with 670 you may qualify for scholarshis at some schools. Yu can find this ou by screening the Financial Aid website,

              Now, I don't know about the GRE. If your GRE score equals 670 GMAT then confratulations!

              Best wishes

              • Posted by aditya2696 on 01/22/13 11:22am

                Thank you very much sir for the reply.
                I have used official gre to gmat convertor given by ets.I believe this was the best way to convert the scores.Moreover,I plan to MIM now and then work for two years then again go for an Mba.Is it the right choice sir?Also my interest is in Finance and Economics.It would be kind of you if you can help me at this front.

                • Posted by Thomas Graf on 01/22/13 3:55pm

                  Hi Aditya,

                  using the official ETS converter sounds reasonable - so you should be fine.

                  As for your plan: MIM - work 2 years - MBA... Well, for the moment you don't need to think about an MBA, right? What you need/want right now is a MIM and then the successful job entry.

                  If you work 2 years after your graduation or 7 years and if you do a fulltime MBA in 2 years or a part-time MBA in 6 years or an Executive MBA in 10 years - or no MBA at all, you will decide when it is the right moment.

                  So, for the moment you have a plan. That's great. And you have several options for the future. That's great at all. But I wouldn't think too much about an MBA at the moment because it is too far away and will depend on your needs THEN. Imagine that you have a great position in 3 years - why doing an MBA then?

                  In terms of Finance and Economics, you have two options:

                  1. You can go for a MIM and watch out for programs that offer concentations or electives in finance or economics.
                  2. You can study a Master in Finance or a Master in Economics. This will provide you with in-depth knowledge in these areas - but not (as the MIM) with general management knowledge.

                  Best wishes

    • Posted by aditya2696 on 01/22/13 5:17pm

      Thank you sir.

      I guess you are right about MBA,maybe I will think about it afterwards.
      The thing is that for masters in finance,there are not many universities which admit students from software engineering in undergrad for masters.So I am not able to get hold of those courses.Moreover I want to go for LSE Economics.I hope to get it at my score.

      • Posted by Thomas Graf on 01/22/13 6:10pm

        Hi there,

        if you use our search engine with:

        • program type: master in finance
        • teaching method: fulltime
        • Entry requirements: no first degree in business or economics required

        You get 200 results. Click here to get the list.

        Best wishes

      • Posted by aditya2696 on 04/02/13 8:10am


        Thank you for all the help.I have applied to SAI schools and I have got a call for the interview from all the universities.

        I would like to ask for your help for the interview and what are the things I need.Should I know any technical stuff as I am pursuing my engineering.What are things I need to know.My reference school is HEC PARIS SIR.

        What extra things I should know and prepare.

        It would be great if you can help me out for the interviews.Thank you for the advice till now and I hope you can help me out with this.


        Aditya Nandan

        • Posted by Thomas Graf on 04/02/13 12:27pm

          Hi there,

          thank you for your question. In the interviews, you do not need to know any technical stuff from your undergraduate studies. Instead, the school admission officers want to find out how well you have reflected your goals, how well you are able to think critically, and how much you can contribute to the class and the success of the master program in case they select you (and you select them).

          Here are some questions that I would prepare if I was in your position:

          • Why do you want to do a Master?
          • Why do are you interested in this school?
          • What you you want to do after graduation? Where and what do you want to work?
          • Where do you see yourself (e.g. career-wise) in a longterm perspective (5 or 10 years)?
          • Where else do you apply?
          • Why did you apply at the aforementined other schools?
          • Why should the school select you for the master? How would you contribute to the success of the program?
          • What means leadership for you?
          • Do you think that leadership will increase or decrease in importance in the next years? Why?
          • How do you plan to finance your studies?

          I am not saying that exactly these questions will be discussed. But some of them may be or in a similar manner and preparing these questions thoroughly will help you.

          Furthermore, try to inform yourself a bit about European economy if you apply for European schools. You do not need to know details - but it would be great if you could say something meaningful in case someone asks you questions such as:

          • Why do some countries in Europe face economic difficulties whereas others do not?
          • Would you recommend that Greece should leave the Euro and go back to its old Greek currency?

          Finally, I recommend you try to be honest and authentic in the interviews. Do pretend to be someone else. For example, it is absolutely fine if you say at one point that you are uncertain about how to answer the question. But try to say then why you are uncertain and balance teh pro's and the con's.

          After the interviews, maybe you can drop a note here and share your experience with the interviews. You don't need to mention the schools if you feel that this is confidential - but by writing a post about your interview experience, you would help many other readers of this forum.

          Best wishes

        • Posted by aditya2696 on 05/23/13 7:17pm


          Thank you for the help.

          I have been admitted to ESCP Europe,EMlyon,Audencia and Skema.Though my first choice was HEC,I am not admitted.

          I would like to ask you if I should go ESCP Europe or wait another year for HEC?

          Also I have a offer in hand from Duke University.Master Of Engineering Management.

          Please help me in selecting the best out of them.


          • Posted by Thomas Graf on 05/24/13 7:32pm

            Hi there,

            thank you for your question. Intuitively I would not wait for another year to go to HEC unless you would have your place for sure. Otherwise you don't have a guarantee that your waiting was worth it, right?

            So, if you need or want to do a Master now - as opposed to doing an MBA with some years of work experience - I would go for it now.

            As for the school selection, this is a question of your personal preferences. But some criteria could be:

            Where do you want to work later? If you want to work in North America, DUke may be the better option - simply because they may be more recognized in the US.

            Also, you may want to check which companies come to these campuses and recuit. Then you can choose the program where your favoriet employers recruit.

            Best wishes

            • Posted by aditya2696 on 05/25/13 5:39am


              Thank you for the input.I want to study finance and ESCP looks better.But the thing is because of Europe recession,I am scared that if I am not able to get a job,it would not suit well.Also Usa has much better prospects according to the people.It is like I love the ESCP course as it provides me with international exposure but at the same time I am scared with the duration and what will happen.


              • Posted by Thomas Graf on 05/25/13 10:33am

                Hi there,

                I understand. But why don't you tell he ESCP exactly the same? That you like the a lot and would love to study there - and that, o the other hand, you are afraid of investing in the studies without getting a job after graduation?

                By this, you will see whether or not ESCP convinces you. For instance, they may provide you with information on their experiences with employers etc. It will also be interesting for you to see how serious they take your concern.

                Best wishes

                • Posted by aditya2696 on 05/25/13 10:47am


                  I think I will do that.Moreover I am in contact with Duke,the only problem is people tend to do tech jobs after studying there.I have asked them if they can help me out in this purpose.

                  Moreover I intend to CFA course after a year so again if I go there then I need to make sure that I can get a job what I want.

    • Posted by aditya2696 on 01/22/13 7:53pm

      Thank you sir.Will let you know.?Any ideas on lse economics?

      And I would like to thank you once again for the suggestions.It has really made my work lot easy