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  • Posted by - thomas.graf - on 23 May 2017 - 10:37am

    Hi there,

    looks like you have had a great education so far. Now you have several offers from renowned schools and yes, the question "which program?" is important now.

    There is no simple answer, however. You have to do some work to find out "your best program". I recommend you to invest an afternoon and carefully read my Guide "Business Masters: How you find the best Master in Management or MBA". Here you get a structured approach how you analyze programs and check to what degree they fit your career goals.

    Best wishes,

    by Thomas Graf
    MIM Compass Founder

  • Posted by - Mootangclan - on 25 April 2017 - 7:33pm

    I'm a student from India. I did my undergrad in Law from a Top 10 University, with a major in Economics and a double honours in Corporate Law (Finance, Taxation, Regulation and Reconstruction) and International Trade & Investment Law. I've done around 9 short term Internships, mostly legal, with 1 in consulting (Big 4 Audit) and 1 in finance.

    Received offers for SSE MIB, IE MIM and ESADE MIM. Hoping for a shift to a career in Finance. I'm largely location agnostic. Wasn't targeting UK or US given the current immigration issues. Not really expecting any scholarships.

    In light of my background and stated career trajectory, which program should I choose?

    Any help will be appreciated!