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School selection
  • Posted by Shamil VC on 02/20/19 11:46am

    I graduated in May 2018. And planned to join MiM for the fall 2019 intake. I got a GMAT score of 610, and an undergraduate GPA of 6.05/10 in BTech from NITC, India, which is one of the top schools in the country.

    1. I have an internship experience of more than 6 months as Operations manager, where I managed a team of 2 members and handled the company's E-commerce stores on various platforms. I was part of decision making regarding the addition of new products to the portfolio, sourcing of raw materials, decided the selling price of the products on each platform, and managed the team for packing of the products.
    2. I have another internship more of technical basis, which i did during my undergraduate studies.
    3. I was part of football team which represented my department in college level competitons
    4. I was head of marketing for the college technical and cultural fests, during which i managed a tea of 20 members and brought in a record sponsorship of INR 15 lakhs for the event.
    5. I was also part of the Finance committee for the same events.
    6. I volunteered for U&I Teach program during which I taught a group of underprivileged children and helped them achieve better grades in their schools. This was done during my undergraduate eductaion.
    7. I was also part of Literary and Debating Club in college, being a member I actively took part in conducting various events related to literature and various debates in the college and also conducted events in other schools around in the State.

    Kindly let me know my chances of getting into RSM MScBA with this profile. I could find that they have a minimum requirement of 600 in GMAT and the average GMAT for their Masters is 640. And 610 is my second attempt on GMAT, my first attempt also ended up with the same score. And application deadlines are almost here.
    Also kindly take some time to let me know some other schools to which I can apply with this profile, and where I stand a good chance of getting an admit.

  • Posted by thomas.graf on 02/21/19 10:02am

    Hi there,

    No one can tell you how good your chances are to get into RSM but the admissions officers themselves. But: If the minimum requirement is 600 and you have 610, then you will not be kicked out because of the GMAT. Either you will be accepted or not - and if not, there are other reasons but the GMAT.

    In my eBook Business Masters: How you find the best Master in Management or MBA I give several tipps how you could get a sense of what a school expects - e.g., you could interview one of the current RSM students on their personal admissions process. Also, I recommend reading my eBook The MIM - Enry Requirements - even though the RSM is not included in this survey, you will get a tase of the criteria taken into account in general.

    Probably, the key question will be: How demanding is the RSM in terms of your academic achievements? Here you could simply call the RSM or send a message and ask if your GPA is too low for them or if they would still consider your application.

    Best regards,

    By Thomas Graf
    Author of the MIM eBook