Please select best 5 colleges for Masters in Management program

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  • Posted by asutoshdas on 07/01/11 9:52am

    Hi ,

    I am Asutosh Das from India ,currently pursuing Bachelor of Engineering(Btech) in Electronics & telecommunication field,its a Undergraduate program.Now i am in the starting of the fourth year of my studies ,since it is the last year of a four year program.
    I am preparing for taking admission in Top Business School in the Masters in Management Program for the Autumn session of September 2012.I will be giving my GMAT and TOEFL in the month of September 2011.I am having a CGPA of 9.05(on a 10 point scale) till my 3rd year studies.I also have proven myself in inter-college functions showing some of my leadership qualities and have taken part in various arts(painting ) competition and won many prizes showing some extra-circular activities.
    Please list me five colleges that i should apply for which suits best for an unexperienced undergraduate to make it to the prestigious MiM programs.

    • Posted by kush on 07/02/11 2:23pm

      Hi Ashutosh,

      It is extremely difficult to say "this university is the best for so and so course". It all depends on what you learn academically as well as non academically. Maybe this will help you:

      1. Decide where you want to study
      2. Go thru the admission requirements of ur dream schools (the 2012 requirements will not be up right now, but u can use this year's requirements as a guideline)
      3. Go through the rankings published by FT, but DO NOT base your decisions on them. Rankings are never perfect.
      4. Check out the course structures of many universities and see if the subjects interest you.
      5. Speak to as many people as possible. Almost all universities/colleges are on facebook. Speak to current and past students and get their views and experiences.



      • Posted by Thomas Graf on 07/05/11 1:37am

        Hi Ashutosh,

        Kushal has given you some valuable advices already. Let me add these ones:

        First of all, you mentioned "...for an unexperienced undergraduate". Please let me recommend you to use our FILTER "Entry Requirements" in our MIM search engine to search for programs that do NOT require a bachelor in business or economics.

        Second, select "fulltime programs" in our Teaching Methods filter. If you know the area or country, choose them in the respective filter too. By this you narrow down your search.

        Next, as Kushal says you can use Rankings as a first indicator: the Master in Management Ranking of the Financial Times is a first good choice. But you can also check the FT European Business School Ranking to get an idea of the schools or even an MBA ranking, given that party of the MBA curriculum are similar to those of the MIM.

        Other indicators are Accreditations: e.g. the AACSB and the EQUIS for the respective university and the AMBA accreditation for the respective MIM program.

        Another good advice is to think about employers that you would like to work for in the future - call them, try to get in touch with the HR department and aks them if they know the schools from your top-5 list and how they evaluate them.

        Moreover, have a close look at the school's career and placement service. Ask for statistics about how long it took the graduates to find a job? Where did they find a job and what was theri salary increase? If you plan to return to India after the MIM, try to find out which schools have experience with Indians.

        Again, make a first list of your favorite schools (area, reputation etc.) and try to crosscheck if your favorites still hold when you ask them directly these issues.

        Finally, as Kushal says: Talk to alumni and current students. The schools' admissions offices can bring you into contact with them.

        Overall, you will need o find the answer for yourself because it is YOU who knows what is the best for you. But Kushal and my answer may provide you with some nice guidelines to effectively find your favorite programs.

        Good luck!