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  • Posted by tatis on 02/08/16 3:18pm

    Hi everybody, I wanted to ask if anyone has experience with a part time MBA. I'm wondering who exactly profits from such a program. For which branches is it? How many years of job experience do you need? After a couple of years on the job I'm looking for a career boost and I wonder if a part time MBA would be suitable. Thank you, Tati

    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 02/08/16 6:52pm

      Hi there,

      in general, there different categories of "part-time" MBAs, understood as MBA programs that can be studied besides doing a job.

      A "Part-Time MBA" is the same as a full-time MBA - the only differences are that the structure is different (e.g., module tracks or weekend tracks) and that you profit less from on-campus activities such as career fairs. As for the fulltime MBA, you need 2-3 years of work experience.

      An "Executive MBA" is also an MBA that can be studied part-time - but this program targets people with leadership experience, often times middle or even senior managers - and are more expensive accordingly.

      Have a look at the MBA Compass to search for programs and find my own detailed summary of program types in this article.

      Best wishes

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      By Thomas Graf

    • Posted by tatis on 02/09/16 11:25am

      Thank you Thomas, that was helpful. It looks like one has to invest quite some energy and money. I'm wondering if it's "worth it". Maybe anyone here who has done a part time MBA?

      • Posted by Thomas Graf on 02/10/16 11:38am

        Answering the question "Is it worth it?" is complex. It depends on what you mean by "worth" - for instance, is it worth it only if you directly get promoted and a higher salary with your PT MBA? Or is it worth it also if you feel that you work much better and over time persuade your colleagues and boss that you are prepared for other/higher tasks? Or is it worth it if you just feel that after the MBA you can apply for jobs that you weren't thinking of before? Or is it worth if you get an idea during the MBA about how you do your own business?

        If you want to go through this process of inside-looking (e.g., your goals) and outside looking (e.g., career benefits through an MBA), I recommend you to read my eBook "Business Masters". It costs you a few Dollars and it is not solely focussed on MBAs - but the principles are the same for all business masters.