MIM School Selection: IE vs EDHEC vs HHL vs HULT vs SAI

School selection
  • Posted by Hunny on 02/28/18 1:48pm


    I've received an admission offer from all listed schools and I am still waiting for results from SAI schools.
    I am confused to which school to decide to continue with.

    My first preference is to secure a consulting job at a major consulting firm anywhere in Europe, post graduation.
    IE Business School had been my first choice earlier due to its Top 3 ranking and overall brand. However, I do not have enough information about current condition of Spanish economy and I am concerned about employment opportunities post graduation, given my status as a non-EU resident.

    Given my goals, please help me decide the most appropriate program. Individual school fees are not a concern to me.

    • IE Business School - Madrid, Spain
    • Hult International Business School - Boston, USA
    • EDHEC Business School - Lille, France
    • HHL - Leipzig, Germany

    Any help or opinion is appreciated.

    Much thanks!

  • Posted by thomas.graf on 03/01/18 9:29am

    Hi there,

    well, there are several ways to find out which of these programs is the most appropriate regarding your career goals. The basic aproach is (1) through the schools' admission managers, (2) through current and ex-students, and (3) through companies.

    The tricky question is: How do you receive the information or how do you get in contact? Please read the Chapter READ and TALK TO in my eBook to get a full range of tipps and hints.

    So far for the target schools. But you should also evaluate the admissions requirements. For this, you need more info than what is published on the websites only. Please read carefully the specific requirements of each school as indicated in my survey in "The MIM - Entry Requirements".

    Best regards,

    By Thomas Graf
    Owner MIM Compass
    Author of the MIM eBook