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  • Posted by Arabdha on 06/19/13 7:43pm

    Hi there,

    I've admits from IE Business School(MIM),ESADE(MSc in Management) and NYU SCPS(MS in Integrated Marketing) courses.I'm from India and have around two years of work experience.I need to make a choice in the next 2-3 days.

    I would prefer Spain but the economy in US is much better.But then again,the course at NYU has a pure marketing orientation.As an Indian,NYU might be the better option to fit in post the course.But I would also like learning the basics of business-which only an MIM can give me.

    Between IE and ESADE,IE seems to have a better reputation and an entrepreneurship focus.ESADE MSc on the other hand has been around longer.

    Please help me decide.

    Thanks and regards,

    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 06/20/13 1:18am

      Hi Arabdha,

      thank you for your question. You reflected quite well already the differences among these schools. Clearly, all of these schools are renowned schools. The question, however, is what do you want...?

      Competence: What do you want to learn? If you don't want to specialized in marketing, then forget about NYU. If entrepreneurship is your key criterion then maybe IE. If you prefer a general management education than ESADE may also be an option.

      Career: Where do you want to work later on? Working in the US with a European degree may not be impossible but difficult. A North American degree would be helpful then - by the way, have you also considerd doing an MBA? With 2 or 3 years you can do that...

      You can also contact the schools and ask them about

      • Where do their graduates work later on (which employers and countries)?
      • How many percent find a job within 3 months after graduation?
      • How much experience do they have with palcing people from India?

      Finally, you can ask them to bring you in contact with a current and an ex student of your nationality.

      At the moment, I think that you don't have enough information to make such an important decision - and you are pressuring yourself while being uncertain. I recommend to confront the schools with your questions and try to gain extra information by the advices above.

      Best wishes

      By Thomas Graf

    • Posted by Arabdha on 06/20/13 7:34am

      Hi Thomas,

      Thank you so much for the detailed answer.

      I have an engineering background and I will finish my two years in the corporate sector in another month.I have : GMAT score=680,CGPA=9.14/10 and TOEFL score=116.Decent extracurriculars and social work experience.

      I have no background in business and don't really want to wait another year.Most European MBAs require 3 years and the American ones a minimum of 2.But by the time the application is processed,it shall be another year.From what I understand MIM is more of general management and doesn't need a prior business background.Besides,these are one year programs and hence I feel they are a good call for me.

      As far as competence goes,marketing does interest me but right now-general management is what I'm looking at.Besides,as the MIMs originated in Europe,I think this would be the better alternative.

      I did talk to the schools,the students and the alumni as well.Here's the feedback I got:

      NYU: good course,good on campus recruitment opportunities(Indians don't find this difficult),NYU is slightly disorganized in terms of course

      IE: great course,place,teachers,school reputation,entrepreneurship focus.Given the current economy however,extremely difficult to get a work permit for non-Eu passport holders.
      They have graduates working mostly in Europe and Asia-Pacific.Very few work in north America.
      Placement stats are very impressive but the problem lies with the work permit.

      ESADE: same as IE except the focus is more on general management and marketing.I have been waitlisted for the CEMS program here as well.
      And again,the employment scenario will depend on the economy in 2014.

      As of now,I'm slightly inclined towards IE.But yet to decide on anything.

      Warm regards,

    • Posted by Arabdha on 07/06/13 10:19pm

      Hi Thomas,

      I had narrowed down my call to IE.But I just got my admit into Toronto-Rotman for the MBA program and I'm thinking of going with that.The only thing is with IE-the investment is around one-third of Rotman.But then again,Rotman is the MBA program and Canada has easier work permit laws.Pls do suggest which is the better option.


      • Posted by Thomas Graf on 07/08/13 7:02pm

        Dear Arabdha,

        thank you for your question. Again, I think that you did a decent job in preparing your decision and investigating a lot before making your final decision. I am confident that you will be happy whatever master you finally choose.

        As you mentioned before, IE may be inferior to Rotman if you want to work in North America. Hence, if that's your goal your decision is clear. Rotman is number 46 in the FT Global MBA Ranking and clearly has a reputation in North America. Furthermore, it may depend on which experience Rotman has with placing people of your nationality. If they can show you many examples how people from India successfully foudn a job after graduation then Rotman may be the safer option. Rotman may also be accepted from European employers, in case you still want to work in Europe later on. If this is important for you, you should ask the Rotman career firs, however, how much experience they have with MBAs working in Europe.

        If you like the European reputation of IE Business School - for example, IE is on position 6 in the FT MIM Ranking - its entrepreneurship approach, and its lower tuition fees then you may make a final round of investigation again regarding placement opportunities in Europe. Keep in mind that Europe has more than 45 countries and regional economies are different. I would contact your embassies in Europe for example and ask IE to bring you in contact with IE MIM graduates from India so that you can ask them on their opinion. You can use the REQUEST INFO Button, for instance, to contact Nita Swinsick from IE.

        Best wishes

        By Thomas Graf

    • Posted by Arabdha on 07/09/13 8:00pm

      Dear Thomas,

      Again-you've made my life a little easier.

      Rotman is niche program and Canada is easy on Indians -in terms of work and VISA.But I really I'm not set on staying in Canada for long.Or at best,I haven't decided on the geography. Rotman's strengths are finance and consulting and most students end up with those profiles.My interests lie in general management and marketing.

      I'm going with IE.Its reputation is stellar and the economy apart-it is a great program. I've a fellowship from IE as well.Besides,Spain is a vibrant country to be in and I'm hoping for the best.

      Thank you again ! Have a good day ahead :-)