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  • Posted by jerry7211 on 07/07/13 10:21pm

    I have got this doubt whether MIB holds the same value as MBA.
    If not, what are the major differences. Also from a future point of view, which one is better ?

    Currently, I am a software engineer with an experience of 1.3 years. I had plans to do MBA. But soon enough I came across through Hult International School of Business, and I came to know about MIB.

    Could you help me to decide which among these are better, and also it would be good if you could provide me some info about Hult Business School

    Thanks & Regards,
    Jerry Rajan

    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 07/08/13 7:11pm

      Hi Jerry,

      thank you for your question. Actually, the Master in International Business is a type of Master in Management (MIM) program with some international focus. MIM programs are similar to MBA programs as they also provide general management knowledge.

      They are different from MBA programs, however, in many respects. Most importantly, MIM programs are primarily for people with no or only little work experience while MBA full-time programs are for professionals with 3 - 5 years. MIM programs bring you in contact with employers for career start positions while MBAs are recruited for more advanced positions. MBA programs provide you not only with knowledge through your professors but also through your fellow students and their job experience. MBA programs are more known world-wide than MIM program althought MIM programs are getting more and more recognized.

      If you have 1.3 years of work experience and want to start a master with 2 years of work experience, you can do both - the MIM (or MIB in this case) or the MBA (at some schools that do not require 3 years work experience). Which one you prefer depends on you but intuitively I would work a bit more and then do an MBA in your case. If you need another education as quickly as possible now, however, - e.g., because you are unsatisfied with your career options - I would go for a MIM program (e.g. the MIB ) now; then work some years after graduation; and finally consider whether you still need or want an MBA in 5 or 7 years (e.g. as a part-time or Executive MBA).

      Best wishes

      By Thomas Graf

  • Posted by StidhAr.M on 02/12/19 2:07pm

    Sir,MBA or MIB which gets more opportunity for jobs and which is good MBA or MIB

  • Posted by thomas.graf on 02/12/19 6:05pm

    Hi there,

    the Master in Business (MIB) or the Master in Management (MIM) help you to START a career. By contrast the MBA helps you to ADVANCE your career. Hence, these two programs can not be compared in terms of career impact.

    Please read my article on the differences between MIM and MBA.

    Best wishes,

    By Thomas Graf
    Author of the MIM eBook