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  • Posted by lamborg on 11/13/13 12:56pm

    Can you please list the top 10-15 colleges/Uni.s for Masters in Marketing or related field like management marketing, any location, US or EU.
    From the search I got a list but it isn't ranked.
    Any help?


    • Posted by lamborg on 11/13/13 1:37pm

      I know that each school would be different for people but I am looking for a ranked list which can help me to prioritize the schools.

    • Posted by deepaklamba15 on 11/14/13 11:27am


      top 10-15 schools would require a gmat score( min 600-650) and gre score of (305 above atleast).
      Apart from that IELTS/TOEFL will also be required.
      Make sure that you fulfill the pre requisities and then look for the universities.
      MIM is more famous in Germany, France, Italy where as MBA has more demand in UK.
      Top B-schools in germany are: Mannheim, WHU, EBS, HHL.
      In france: Edhec, Insead, Hec paris, Lyon
      Italy: Bocconi
      Spain: IE business school
      Swiss: St. Gallen, Lussanne

      These are one of the top notch B-Schools in Europe.
      All in top 25 atleast.
      So go ahead, you may find one of your kind.
      All the best!! :)


    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 11/14/13 11:51am

      Hi there,

      please check the links list in the article below to find best marketing schools.

      Best wishes

      by Thomas Graf

      • Posted by shan1709 on 01/19/14 3:17pm

        Hi Thomas,
        My name is Shantanu and I am from India. I've got offer from University of Strathclyde Business School for Masters of Business & Management (MBM). I am also awaiting decision from Cranfield University Business School for M.Sc in Management and meanwhile thinking of applying to Grenoble graduate School of Business for Master in International Business programme. Please enlighten me, which of the above mention programme and Business Schools are best to choose. Strathclude and Grenoble Business Schools have got good ranking in FT MIM 2013 but Cranfield has got very good FT global MBA ranking. So its a little confusing to choose between them.

        P.S.- I am looking for employment immediately after completion of the degree so as to renew Visa and pay up the loan.


        • Posted by Thomas Graf on 01/20/14 12:35pm

          Hi Shantanu,

          thank you for your question. Checking a school's international reputation is a good start to evaluate a program. Checking the program-specific ranking position is another way, at least to see how exposed to the public a school is. Checking other management-related rankings is a good option as well. You can or should even also check the sub-rankings and the ranking methodology. The Financial Times Ranking, for instance, provides you with a global ranking position but you can also filter the ranking as for specific criteria like salary or research rank.

          Now, after having done this general assessment, you need to specifically analyze each program. I my ebook Roadmap I show this in more detail - but in general, you need to compare the content (curriculum, structure) of the program, its career services (e.g. what is the school doing to place you among employers; how many percent find a job within 3 months of graduating?) and its reputation (which firms come to campus? where do the students find a job?).

          The sources of information to find this out are: the schools' websites (e.g. career statistics), the schools admissions and career office managers, the students and alumni (get the contacts via the schools).

          Best wishes

          by Thomas Graf