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Hard Time! Low GMAT score: Help needed in selecting B-school

  • Posted by - xitij - on 3 November 2014 - 10:15am

    Hi Eveyone,
    I am from India and recently gave GMAT but was devastated by the score. My brief profile follows:
    GMAT: 590
    Experience: 5 years in Telecom/IT in reputed MNC.

    • Designation: Software Development Engineer
    • Research and development of product
    • Supervised a team of 11 members for 1 year
    • Got 1 promotion
    • No onsight experience but interacted with Finnish and China team.
      Academic: Above 75% throughout (10th, 12th and
      B.Tech from one of the esteemed college in India (National Institute of Technology) in Electronics

    I think I won't make up to the top 20-30 colleges with this score so prepared list of MBA colleges from across the globe within my GMAT range. Can anyone please provide the insights into below mentioned colleges (college reputation, employment rate and future prospects). Is doing MBA from these colleges woth? Are these colleges Good/Decent for future prospects? Are there any other decent colleges from Europe beside the list mentioned below

    1. University of Connecticut
    2. Syracuse University (Whitman)
    3. University at Buffalo—SUNY
    4. Pepperdine University
    5. San Diego State University
    6. University of Calgary (Canada)
    7. Simon Fraser University (Canada)
    8. Sauders Business School (Canada)
    9. North Carolina State University -Jenkins Graduate School of Management
    10. clark university
    11. Ohio University College of Business
    12. Kansas state university
    13. University of South Florida
    14. University of Massachusetts - Boston- Boston MBA Program
    15. Florida International University, Chapman Graduate School of Business
    16. Pennsylvania State University: Smeal
    17. Purdue University: Krannert
    18. University of Pittsburgh: Katz

    Please help as I am having troubled time and don't know what to do. Don't want to give another shot to GMAT. Please provide genuine advice. I am really waiting for your advice.


    • Posted by - Thomas Graf - on 3 November 2014 - 11:26am

      Hi there,

      first of all, I recommend you to read my MIM eBook - particularly the part on admission requirements (GMAT!) and how you find out what schools expect.

      Second, once you have read this thoroughly I would analyze your favorite schools one by one. Before, however, I would try to reduce the list a bit using the goal-benefits-analysis-technology that I teach you in my ebook.

      Thirdly, after that and based on that I would consider one of the following options:

      • re-do the GMAT: I also had 590 in my first short and then made 660
      • not re-do the GMAT but go for schools that accept alternative tests (e.g., a school's own on-campus test that should be easier than the GMAT)
      • go for schools that accept 590
      • go for schools that do not require the GMAT

      Which option you choose depends on your goal-benefit analysis before. If you find a school that provides you with satisfying benefits for your goals and does not require the GMAT, you can go for it. If you don't find such a school - in other words, if you need to attend a school that requires a GMAT score > 590 - then the other options may be yours.

      Best wishes

      By Thomas Graf
      Owner MIM Compass
      Author of the MIM eBook