Expert guidance needed.HELP thomas !!!

School selection
  • Posted by sarthakbatra on 06/02/13 1:54pm

    Hi thomas !

    First of all i would really like to congratulate you and the whole team of MIM compass for opening up a gateway of debates and discussion which has been really helpful in guiding us all.
    I have read several of your advice and I think they are quite inspiring.

    I am writing to take your advice on my situation.


    22 year old Indian student.
    1.Completed bachelors in business economics ( honours) from university of delhi. work experience although did one 2 month long internship.
    3.first division in graduation.
    4.french diploma holder from university of delhi

    I want to study a Msc in International business to acquire the knowledge of how business is conducted in various world economies and after getting a few years work experience i want to start a venture in transportation services of goods,cars,and various products in my home city delhi or abroad.


    i have received offer letters for the course msc in international business from the following universities,please help me choose-

    university of leeds

    university of glasgow

    university of liverpool

    university of birmingham

    Newcastle university

    university of london,queen mary

    University college dubllin,ireland

    according to my knowledge and preferences i shortlisted university of birmingham's BIRMINGHAM BUSINESS SCHOOL because of its high rank and birmingham being a multi-cultural city.

    Well.. I would like, if it is possible, get opinions and advice about what university I should choose.
    If you think there are better options not taken in consideration yet, please don't hesitate to point them.
    If you need some further information, please let me know.

    please reply back.i really need your guidance.
    Thanks so much.

    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 06/02/13 7:35pm

      Hi there,

      thank you for your question and your nice words abotu this website. I think you did a great job already in reflecting your career goals and entering a constructive search process. Here are some comments:

      First, as far as I know "Masters in International Business" and "Masters in International Management" are basically the same. The "same" does not mean that the curricula are exactly the same - but the differences are the normal differences among schools, not among the programs in general. Hence, you don't need to limit yourself to programs that are named "Master in International Business" only. Here is our article about this topic in case you are interested.

      Second, I recommend to narrow down more your career preferences. As you mentioned that you want to apply for companies after graduation I expect that you already have some industries and maybe even favorite employers in your mind. Ideally, you should decide for a school that has strong contacts to your favorite employers. Screen the schools' websites and contact the career pr program admissions teams to find out which employers (industries, countries, names) recruit on the respective campuses.

      Third, by contacting the schools you receive also a second important information (on top of the information which employers recruit there): You see how fast, polite, and competent - in other words: how satisfying - the schools respond. Personally, I would not invest my money into a school that takes months to answer me or is not able to provide me with such basic and important information.

      Fourth, I see that your selection included basically schools from the UK and Ireland. Ideally, you study in a program where you want to work after graduation. Since the UK faces some VISA regulatins that may inhibit working there I recommend investing a bit more here. I would, of course, not exclude schools from the UK ex ante - but I would confront them openly with your doubts, saying that you have heard about some VISA regulations and if they can advice you how serious this is. Again, you will also see how competent the schools react - and that may help you find a school that will satisfy you. You can also contact your embassy as they should be aware of this issue.

      Fifth, the country is less important of course if you want to work somewhere else after graduation, for instance, in India. In this case, I would just make sure that your favorite employers (or their competitors...) know and like the school. You can contact the HR department of some companies, day taht you like their company and that you consider applying there after your Masters - and that you would be interested in their opinion on the school (at least whether they know it or not).

      As for other schools, I don't recommend any school as the optimal school always depends on the people's preferences. But I suggest that you include other schools into your search process, particularly those with an international exposure: for instance, the CEMS Master in International Management, the HULT Master in International Business, or the ESCP Europe. You can also use our specific search filters to find your target programs:

      • Program Type: Masters in International Business
      • Teaching Mode: Full-time
      • Entry Requirement: no academic background in business required

      Best wishes

      By Thomas Graf