School selection
  • Posted by omi_vora on 05/29/11 11:09pm

    Hello Sir,
    I am a student from india got acceptance from Edhec Business school for MIM(Financial Economics) Track. I want to know about job opportunities in india after the program.

    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 05/30/11 3:38pm

      Hi there,

      To find an answer for this specific question, I recommend you investigating in two directions:

      1. Contact Edhec Business School and ask them
      • how many students from India they had in the MIM program in the past
      • which experiences they have made with these students and their career after graduation
      • if they have additional experience that could be helpful for you regarding career perspectives in India
      1. Contact 2 or 3 companies in India that you would like to work for after graduation (the HR department) and aks them
      • if they know the Edhec
      • how they evaluate the MIM
      • what career perspectives they would provide people with if they have a similar background as you

      These two investigations should help you cailbrate the answer.

      Best wishes