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  • Posted by vital_parsley on 02/24/14 6:37pm


    I have gone through the forums and have read some topics on this college.
    So firstly sorry to have posted this once more.But to be honest I needed some advice specific to my profile.

    I am an Indian national looking to settle down in Ireland.I have got a 6 years of experience in IT field.
    The technology I work on is pretty niche and is Data Warehousing.Its on the lines of Big Data which Ireland, as I have researched has been encouraging a lot.
    I have an IELTS score of 7.5.
    My academics arent good.My last qualification was Masters in Computer Application from Mumbai University with a First Class.
    Now, what I would like to know is as any other student I have got an offer from Dublin Business School for MBA.I would like to know your advice on this whether I should go for it or not.And if yes which is the course that suits my profile.

    I have tried applying to the companies in Ireland for jobs ,in the past ,but as we know I will need a sponsorship which I do not have , to get a job there.
    I could not find where do students get placed once they have completed their 1 year course,but would like to know from you as you would have better idea.
    Also,please let me know what are the other options I can check for.

    Please let me know.

    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 02/24/14 7:34pm

      Hi there,

      (1) MBA or not?
      in general, your approach of doing an MBA makes sense - as long as you want to broaden your knowledge from a rather narrow perspective on IT (and a specific niche within IT) to management. If you think that broadening your IT profile rather to other IT areas would be more beneficial I would go for the specific qualification you need and not for an MBA. But this is something you need to decide for yourself. Bottom line: If it's management knowledge you want or need for your aspired future position, task, function and employer, go for an MBA.

      (2) full-time or part-time?
      A different question that you need to solve is whether you want to keep on working where you are right now and keep on earning money; or whether you want to do a full-time program. The former reduces your risk regarding financial and job aspects. The latter may provide you with a better chance to find a job at a new employer depending on your target school's career services.

      (3) Dublin Business School or not?
      Here I can only say: Find out about the career statistics of the DBS's MBA graduates. I don't see any reason why someone should not get them easily by just calling the school or visiting the school in advance after making an appointment. I would - personally - not study at a school and invest my time and money if this school would not give me this data. Also I can only recommend to ask the school to bring you in contact with current and ext students (ideally of your nationality) so that you can ask them. Again: I would not invest my time and money in a school that is not providing me with that.

      (4) MBAs at other schools
      If you are focissed on Irish schools, try to check out alternatives as well. I know the Smurfit School, for instance, but there may be alternatives too. Also, keep in mind that also MBA programs from schools outside of Ireland - e.g. in the UK - may be well known by Irish companies (e.g. London Business School, Cranfield, Warwick, Manchester etc.).

      (5) Talk to your future employer
      Try to find out where your favorite future employer (or your target industry in general) recruits. Call them, talk to them at career fairs, find other creative ways to contacts the firms and find out whether they know and like the DBS and which other MBA programs they know, like, and visit.

      I am perfectly aware that you are currently lost in the mist somewhere. Don't get nervous though. It is not only you who wants something from the school but it is also the school that wants something from you (e.g. your money). Take your time to investigate carefully and then make a decision.

      Best wishes

      By Thomas Graf