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  • Posted by Alemana on 07/30/13 7:11pm

    Hello Thomas,

    I got accepted into CEMS master at University of Economics, Prague with an Exchange semester at CBS and also into a regular master's program in International Business at CBS.

    I know that CEMS program has a high reputation and great network however I am not sure about the reputation of the University of Economics in Prague. As I am planning on working in my home country Germany, especially in the automotive industry, I would like to choose the degree that suits me best for my further plans.

    For sure both options come with advantages and disadvantages. However, I would like to know, how do you assess an degree from the University of Economics in Prague.

    Thank you a lot for your reply!

    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 07/30/13 11:50pm

      Hi there,

      thank you for your question. You also have a third option: You could also apply for CEMS MIM at CBS in case you have doubts on the University of Prague and still want to profit from the CEMS network.

      I am confident that both institutions (University of Prague and CBS), and particularly the CEMS degree, provide you with excellent skills and networks. How well these institutions and their degrees are recognized in the German automotive industry, however, is a different question. For instance, if both are equally recognized, if one is preferred over the other, or if both degrees are inferior to a third and so far unknown option (e.g., a Master in Automotive Management such as the one at the EBS Business School or other universities).

      To find this out, I suggest that you try to get information from the schools and from employers.

      • Ask the schools' career offices about where the graduates start after graduation. If no one works in the automotive industry... well, maybe not the best option.
      • Contact one or two of our potential future employers (HR departments) and ask them if the recruit at these schools. If no one recruits there or if the haven't heard of these institiutions... maybe not the best choice.

      This should provide you with the most reliable information. Moreover, you can also contact the CEMS headquarter through our School Contacts page and ask them about their experience with placing CEMS graduates in the automotive industry. CEMS has a long list of interesting partner firms but they should be able to provide you information on placing their graduates even beyond this list.

      Best wishes

      By Thomas Graf