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  • Posted by boscodabeast on 10/30/14 5:41am

    Basically, my concern is - as an Irish citizen, have I a better chance of admission if I apply for the CEMS MIM in Dublin? - I am a bit worried that my grades are not up to the standard (59% Bachelor of Commerce).

    Also, as I have 4 years experience of working in Asia (speak Indonesian language); am I better applying to one of the Asian counterparts such as Hong Kong, Singapore or Beijing - will it be easier to gain admission there?

    Lastly, does one's second language have any effect - since there is no affiliate University in Indonesia?

    Thanks in advance,


    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 10/30/14 11:10am

      Hi Louis,

      in most cases, you FIRST need to become accepted at a specific school's own Master in Management program and THEN you can apply for the CEMS MIM (that will be studied in the year after). Whether your chances of getting acceptance for the specific school's MIM is better in Asia or Europe for you - I don't know.

      As a matter of fact, however, the admissions criteria for the actual CEMS program should be the same everywhere. And yes, you need to have top academic records (being aming the top 10 or so of your school). Also, work experience is not required as this is a pre-experience master. Some schools may not accept you eve because of your work experience and recomend you to do the MBA instead.

      As for the second language, CEMS has clear expectations published on theri website. I suggest that you read them carefully and contact the CEMS team directly through our CONTACT-PAGE if you have doubts.

      I also also recommend you to read my MIM eBook as this provides you with an overview of what sort of business masters exist and which one fits your profile the best.

      Best wishes

      By Thomas Graf
      Owner MIM Compass
      Author of the MIM eBook

      • Posted by boscodabeast on 11/12/14 7:51am

        Hi Thomas,
        Thank you for your most detailed response.

        So it appears that I am not eligible for the CEMS MIM. I am now considering an executive MBA although may not be eligible for that also, but worth a shot.

        Thanks again for your help.

        Louis Eivers

        • Posted by Thomas Graf on 11/12/14 1:15pm

          Hi there,

          check out the MBA Compass.

          Best wishes

    • Posted by janajit bagchi on 10/29/15 6:29am

      Sir,I am from India, l would like to know that is mim from Cologne uni ,ESSCA ,Hanken, Kedge, Warsaw good for getting a job after completion of the course ?
      what would be the GMAT score and GPA in under graduation required to get these colleges ?

      With regards from janajit bagchi.

      • Posted by Thomas Graf on 10/29/15 9:34am

        Hi there,

        to find out about job opportunities of these schools, you have to analyze them deeper regarding (1) firms coming to campus to recruit gradaute, (2) how fast and (3) where graduates find a job afterwards. Follow the strategy that I outline in my MIM eBook Chapter ANALYZE to do that.

        As for the GMAT, you can find information (1) on the schools' sites (under admission requirements or FAQs), (2) by asking the school rerpresentatives, (3) by talking to students, and (4) by reading my MIM Entry Requirements ebook.

        Best wishes

        By Thomas Graf
        Director MIM Compass
        Author of the MIM eBooks