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  • Posted by Alex on 10/08/18 4:20am

    Please help!

    I am currently evaluating all the different university offering Masters of International Management courses, and I was just wondering if anyone knew percentages for the amount of students that apply for these courses and the actual number that they accept.

    As all these courses have significant application fees, its not worth applying to all the ones I am interested in, so how would people suggest narrowing it down?

  • Posted by thomas.graf on 10/08/18 12:52pm

    Hi there,

    it's an interesting question - but I think the only way of how you could get the ratio of applications vs. accepted students would be the schools admissions offices.

    Narrowing down the number of schools is exactly the right way but the key question is: Narrowing down by which criteria?

    In my MIM eBook, I am suggesting a step-by-step approach where you (1) analyze your career goals, (2) your resources, and (3) your experience goals. After that you designb yoiur "ideal" Master according to your plans after your studies - and then you narrow it down according to this "ideal" Master.

    Have a look into it and read the multitude of tips that I give you in this eBook should you be interested.

    Best regards,

    By Thomas Graf
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