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  • Posted by anishtnbt on 10/31/14 12:38pm

    Dear Friends,

    I have given the GMAT on 31st October 2014 and got an unofficial score of 540 (Q-45, V-20). I am yet to receive my official scorecard but i don't think the score will change. Please suggest me Universities with a realistic chance of getting an admission through my GMAT score. My profile is as follows :

    1. Bachelors of Technology with a GPA of 3.0 from GGSIP University, India.
    2. Full time work experience of 1.5 years as a system engineer.
    3. Secured 7th state rank and 51st national rank in Maths-Olympiad in 2008.
    4. Have won 3rd state rank in State Fencing tournament at Delhi and represented Delhi at national level in 2008.
    5. Represented my University at state level and won 3rd rank in Inter-University tournament in 2009.
    6. Have been an active member of my companies cricket team since 2013.
    7. Have been an active member of an NGO, promoting education among poor children.

    I knows my score is pretty low and there are many colleges which doesn't require the GMAT score, but still, i don't want my GMAT score to go waste. Please help.

    Thanks Regards
    Anish Kakroo

    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 10/31/14 4:13pm

      Hi there,

      these are your options:

      • Re-do the GMAT and try to reach the hurlde of 600 (read my MIM eBook to understand why this is important)
      • Apply for schools that accept your GMAT score. Unless you get a tip in this Forum, you will need to visit your favorite schools' website individually to find out about their requirements. Try HHL Leipzig, an internationally accredited business school that ususally requires a minimum of 550 - maybe they make an exception in your case.
      • Apply for schools that do not require the GMAT
      • Apply for schools that require the GMAT but also allow for other tests - for instance, a school's own on-campus test (which is supposed to be easier than the GMAT); try out IE Business School, for instance.

      I don't understand your point "i don't want my GMAT score to go waste". Either the GMAT helps you achieve your goals (e.g, get admission at your favorite school) or not (e.g., the GMAT is too low). If your GMAT score does not help you achieve your goals, then it's a sunk cost and you should forget about it.

      Best wishes

      By Thomas Graf
      Owner MIM Compass
      Author of the MIM eBook

    • Posted by anishtnbt on 10/31/14 6:00pm

      Thanks a lot Thomas.

    • Posted by anishtnbt on 02/10/15 11:10am

      Hi Thomas,

      I have given the GMAT again and got a score of 610( Q-48, V-26). I have a TOEFL iBT score of 101 (R-24, S-28, L-27, W-22) .Given my profile details in the previous posts can you please take out some of your precious time in giving your opinion on the scope of my admission in the following universities:

      1. Emylon Business School
      2. University of Auckland
      3. University of Oslo
      4. Frankfurt School of finance and management
      5. Berlin school of economics and law
      6. Humboldt-universität zu berlin
      7. Singapore Management University(SMU)
      8. Audencia Nantes School of management
      9. Bocconi University
      10. Erasmus University

      Thanks in advance
      Anish Kakroo

      • Posted by Thomas Graf on 02/10/15 12:25pm

        Hi there,

        have you read my MIM eBook already? I suggest that you do this first (and thoroughly). It will teach you the fundamental knowledge about Masters in Management (MIM) and also provides you with a methodology how to identify quality programs, compare programs, and finally identify programs that fit your profile. Most importantly for you, it will provide you with the tools that you need to answer your questions above.

        Best wishes

        By Thomas Graf
        Owner MIM Compass
        Author of the MIM eBook

    • Posted by Nishant on 06/23/15 2:49pm

      Does Hhl Leipzig accept students with engineering background ?

  • Posted by Sonali Velapurkar on 02/01/18 4:46am


    I recently took GMAT and scored 580 (Q49, V20). I look forward to apply to MIM courses in Europe.
    As I haven't crossed the 600 hurdle, I wish to know universities that do not require GMAT or conduct their own entrance exams. I do not wish to re-take GMAT as it was already my second attempt.
    Looking forward for your guidance.

    Sonali Velapurkar

  • Posted by thomas.graf on 02/02/18 9:35am

    Hi Sonali,

    In the past, the HHL justed asked for a GMAT of 550 - but this changed to 600 now. I don't know about other serious schools that require less than 600 - but I am sure you will find them. I am afraud you will have to screen the admisssions websites of your target schools yourself, however.

    Best wishes

    By Thomas Graf
    Owner MIM Compass
    Author of the MIM eBook