GMAT, TOEFL, and other tests
  • Posted by sxr030 on 04/08/15 12:38pm

    Hello !

    So..I have kind of an atypical path.
    I'm 21, I'm french and I studied in the US for three years thanks to a scholarship I got in track and field. I graduated in december, with a major in broadcast journalism and a minor in general business. GPA: 3.59. Graduation with honors (cum laude) : I mention it because I guess it's an important information for the question I'm asking.

    I came back to France in January, and, as of now, I'm actively preparing for some big journalism schools in France. However, I've always liked business, management, etc... I learned about the SAI opportunity only three weeks ago. I figured it could be very interesting for me, as I'm not sure how I will do for the journalism exams (I only started to prepare them in January, but it is very tedious and hard...).

    Anyways, as I said, I learned about those exams three weeks ago... I decided to take the TAGE MAGE with only a 5 days preparation. I did a TAGE MAGE simulation and got 410, so I went in pretty confident. However, it went terribly... I knew when I finished that I did bad (I was right, got the results today : 340.)

    So I knew I would have to pass the GMAT and /or GRE. So I registered for both. Once again, I looked into some stuff on internet to know what I should be expecting... I didn't have enough time to study AT ALL, but somehow I pulled a 650 on the GMAT, don't know yet for the GRE, but I'm not confident at all.

    I'm not happy with this score, especially with the quantitative part, because I've always been really good at mathematics... But I guess the formulation in English may have thrown me off a little bit.

    Anyways, So : 650 GMAT. IR Score is 6, 67th percentile, so not really good.
    Quantitative, as I said, is pretty bad: 43, 56th percentile.
    Verbal, 36, 80th percentile. Ok about that since English is not my first language.
    Oh, and Writing : 4. I don't think that's good, but I really didn't like the suject of the agumentation.

    I'm not fooling myself, I know it is not a very good score for the school I was aiming at ! I think it's a shame I didn't get to prepare those because I could have done better (I think!).

    I applied for the 5 schools of the SAI: HEC, AUDENCIA, ESCP, EMLYON, SKEMA. But I was originaly only interested in HEC... I guess I'm gonna have to lower my standards though. Could you tell me what are my chances for those schools? I'm principaly interested for HEC, then AUDENCIA (because I live in Nantes), and ESCP...

    Let me know If I did not give enough information. Thanks a lot ! Have a good day :).


    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 04/08/15 1:38pm

      Hi there,

      a GMAT score of 650 is sufficient for all these schools. Of course, you won't impress anyone but if you should get rejected, then the GMAT score very likely was NOT the problem. To the contrary, I would say that 650 is very good, particularly for a non-business graduate.

      Your grade and honors degree is also very good. Plus, some schools like to have diversity - and with a journalism degree you are an outlier (I see this as an asset).

      I would be very surprised if you should not get admission at some of the 5 SAI schools.

      By the way, I recommend you to read my MIM eBook while you are waiting for the results. It provides you with the broader picture of pre-experience business masters and many tips on how to find the best Master in Management (even if you have chosen those 5 schools already).

      Best wishes

      By Thomas Graf
      Owner MIM Compass
      Author of the MIM eBook

      • Posted by sxr030 on 04/10/15 7:11am

        Hello !

        Thanks for your reply. I definitely feel better about getting in one of those schools.
        I will definitely read your MIM eBook as well!

        Another question, I just got my GRE results this morning.... Like I thought, it's not good (I think ). I took the test only an hour after taking the GMAT (not the best solution but it was my only option and I wanted to multiply my chances to have one decent score!).

        So I got,
        Verbal Reasoning : 157.
        Quantitative reasoning : 156
        Analytical writing 4.5

        I'm just making sure I should submit the GMAT and not the GRE ? The GRE results don't really make sense to me, but I know I wasn't happy with what I did (lack of time, lots of guessing, etc...), so I'm pretty sure they aren't good haha.

        • Posted by Thomas Graf on 04/10/15 11:00am

          Your GRE seems to correspond to a GMAT around 610 or so (check out the GRE-GMAT comparison tables in the internet). So, I would submit the GMAT score.

          Best wishes

    • Posted by sxr030 on 04/10/15 11:54am

      I figured it seemed to be a bit lower ! It threw me off because the percentile for the quantitative part was a bit better for the GRE than the GMAT. Thanks a lot for your help ! I appreciate!