CAT as eligibility test for MIM

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  • Posted by pratikashwekar on 10/05/13 9:02pm

    I read that BI Norwegian Business School takes CAT

    "The Associate Dean of the programme may exempt applicants from the GMAT/GRE requirement. As a general rule, exemptions are given to the following categories of applicants:
    • Applicants with a CAT score from India of minimum 90%"


    Met representatives from EDHEC business school three days ago and was told that they too accept CAT
    Says so in the prospectus as well
    But doesn't say so on their website.


    I presume its not been updated

    Are there others as well that we don't know about?

    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 10/08/13 2:00pm

      Hi there,

      thank you for this information. Some schools also have their own on-campus test, which I suppose is easier than the GMAT. Check out IE Business School, for instance. Also, many schools don't ask for the GMAT - in our Global MIM Survey even 50% of the schools.

      best wishes

      By Thomas Graf

    • Posted by pratikashwekar on 10/08/13 5:09pm

      Thank you sir for your reply.
      It'll be a great for Indian students if CAT scores are accepted by many colleges. One because for Indians, the CAT is 10 times cheaper than GMAT. Two because it saves us the trouble of preparing for a different format. Finally being Indian it is given that everyone will try their hand at the CAT.

      Without a doubt GMAT is much easier than CAT and that GMAT opens many more doors but for someone like me it would save the trouble and most importantly, time.

      It'll be of great help for all the aspirants from India if you and other knowledgeable forum members could contribute towards the compilation of an exhaustive list of schools that also accept the CAT apart from GMAT/GRE.


      • Posted by Thomas Graf on 10/08/13 5:47pm

        Dear Pratik,

        thank you for your message. I understand your request - but I an afraid that this will not be possible due to a lack or resources and also because the requirements of the schools may change over time. If you find such schools, however, why don't you post them here? That would be great.

        best wishes and good luck