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  • Posted by carito2013 on 12/31/12 4:54pm

    Hi, I was wondering if/how the top B schools look at the AWA score. Is a 5 good enough? Or do they always expect a 6?

    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 01/01/13 10:32pm

      Hi there,

      5 is fully sufficient. They just want to see that you can express yourself in English grammatically correct and that you are able to structure your thoughts, for instance by writing an essay with

      • introduction
      • what speaks for an argument
      • what speaks against it
      • summary

      The main score is the GMAT score. If you have 6 or 5 in the AWA is irrelevant. With a high GMAT score I guess that even 4 would be fine.

      Best wishes

    • Posted by carito2013 on 01/01/13 11:54pm

      Thank you!