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  • Posted by ankita on 03/03/11 9:11am


    I am a software engineer with a work exp of just over 14 months. I was looking for MiM options in Australia with duration of not over 12-15 months. However, my priority is obtaining a scholarship for the same. Is it necessary to give GMAT for application? Also, is it true that the job scenario in Australia is better post masters as compared to European market.

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    • Posted by University of Melbourne on 03/04/11 6:17am

      Dear Ankita,

      Thank you for your enquiry.
      The University of Melbourne offers a Master of Management with the possibility to specialise in one of the following disciplines: Accounting, Business Analysis and Systems, Economics, Finance, Marketing. This degree is offered over 2 years full time studies (24 months) and is designed for students who do not have any business background.
      Scholarships are available and only based on academic merit. You do not have to apply separately for this as you will automatically be considered if you receive a positive outcome for your application.
      Regarding the GMAT, this is a compulsory entry requirement (minimum of 550) except if you graduated from an Australian university within 18 month of applying for the Master of Management. Please visit our website for more information regarding the entry requirements for the Master of Management:
      Regarding the employment scene in Australia, it does depend on different factors such as your work experience and the industry you are thinking of getting into. Also, keep in mind that Australia is a much smaller market than Europe. You can visit this website for salary and advice:
      I hope this helps.
      Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have further query.

      Kind regards,

      Lorine Barrier
      International Marketing and Recruitment Coordinator

      Faculty of Business & Economics | The University of Melbourne
      Level 12, 198 Berkeley Street Carlton, Victoria 3010 Australia
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    • Posted by University of Sydney on 03/06/11 10:03am

      Ankita –

      You may be interested in the Master of Management program at the University of Sydney Business School.

      This is a 15 month program that is practical and applied with a course structure that aims to bring talented students and great companies together.

      You can find out more information about the program and scholarship opportunities at

      Please feel free to contact me directly should you require any additional information.

      Dr Nigel Finch Senior Lecturer
      Academic Program Director, Master of Management / CEMS MIM

  • Posted by somya valiya on 01/12/18 5:57pm

    I am doing honors) in International business, will it be good to pursue Masters in management or Masters in International business which would be the better option and what is the scholarship process and how much scholarship should be given.

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  • Posted by thomas.graf on 01/14/18 3:44pm

    Hi there,

    if you coose a Masters in Management of International Business depends solely on your interest and career goals. I recommend to choose a few MIM programs and a few Master in international management programs and compare the curricula.

    As for the scholarship, just compare the financial aid websites of your favorite schools.

    Best wishes

    By Thomas Graf
    Owner MIM Compass
    Author of the MIM eBooks