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  • Posted by Ratandeep on 04/24/19 1:32pm

    I am currently pursuing my under graduate degree(B.Tech) in Vasavi College of Engineering, hyderabad, India. I am currently in 3rd year of my engineering degree. I am interested in opting Masters in Management course after under graduation and would like to pursue my post graduation in SMU.
    I have an aggregate of 7.5 CGPA and have faced an issue during my 4th semester i.e. 2nd year 2nd semester. I have been charged with malpractice during one of my end semester laboratory examinations due to which all my other exams in that semester were cancelled. I was allowed to write the advanced supplementary examinations held a month later and have cleared all my examinations with an SGPA of 7.2. I have a grade sheet with malpractice written in that particular semester and was updated with an other grade sheet after the supplementary exams.
    Will this be a problem if I want to pursue my post graduation in SMU.
    Could you please help me with the mentioned issue.

  • Posted by thomas.graf on 04/24/19 3:16pm


    I can't answer this question, unfortunately, as this relies purely in the culture, practice, or human factor (admissions manager) at SMU.

    Personally, I would contact the SMU MIM admisions office via E-Mail and openly tell them about this incident, explain it and make clear what you learned from it and why it will never happen again - and ask if this would have an effect on your application. This would be MY approach but I cannot tell you if it would be the best approach. Maybe not mentioning it at all and only responding once they ask would be the better way.

    Best wishes,

    By Thomas Graf
    Author of the MIM eBook