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  • Posted by Rishabh kapur on 07/12/13 7:50am


    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 07/12/13 12:01pm

      Hi Rishabh,

      thank you for your question.

      "1. On the day of gmat, can i apply to lbs and hec as a part of the 5 free applications or would i have to apply for it separately on their website?"

      What exactly do you mean by 5 free applications? As far as I know, the GMAT just allows you to forward your GMAT score to 5 schools directly after the test. It does not, however, allow you to apply through the test system. Please let me know if something has changed here.

      "2. As i mentioned tat my cgpa is not out of the world, do i need to score more on my gmat and toefl and have better essay's in my application??"

      Well, the higher your academic grades the more likely you become considered at renowned schools. Without a top GPA, you should try to convince the school through other assets.

      • The TOEFL is a “must have” and it’s only a language test – so, there is no leeway to demonstrate your intellectual excellence.
      • The GMAT clearly is an opportunity that you should take by achieving a minimum of 650 – ideally more. If you really achieve 720 in the actual test, that’s a great score. This score alone will not allow you to compensate for a lower GPA – but clearly it signals to the schools that you are very capable.
      • You also should take the essays very serious, as here you demonstrate your ability to think critically and to approach a topic from different angles. Good essays together with a strong GMAT score will definitely increase your chances to become accepted.
      • Finally, your overall cv looks great - and I am confident that the schools will take into account your internships and great extracurricular activities.

      "3. How and when could i get a chance to apply for the scholarships?"
      You find the detailed information on the schools’ websites in the Financial Aid sections. Usually, the process is: You apply for the program; once you become accepted, you apply for the scholarships; then you decide whether you accept the study place or not. But some schools may allow to apply for the program and scholarships at the same time.

      "4. I gave some practice tests and scored in the 720-730 range. Any improvement tips?"
      Keep on preparing! Practice tests are no guarantee for the actual test. Make sure you prepared well with some books and then give it a shot. If you are not happy with your score you can consider re-doing it after 30 days.

      "5. How should one prepare for the interviews? What are the questions usually asked?"
      Use the interviews to show how self-reflected you are about your goals, how open-minded and interested you are regarding business, society, and politics, and what a nice person you are. For instance, you need to be able to answer questions such as:

      • Why do you want to do such a master?
      • Why this school?
      • How important do you think is leadership and will it gain or lose importance in the next 10 years? Why?

      Best wishes

      By Thomas Graf

    • Posted by Rishabh kapur on 07/13/13 7:52am

      Thanks for the prompt reply.
      Which are the colleges in the US to which freshers usually apply to for the 2 year mba(not MIM) or colleges which arent too stringent about having a couple of years of work ex?


    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 07/13/13 1:18pm

      Hi there,

      we have a lot of information on MBA programs at the Master of Business Administration Compass platform. For instance, whether a GMAT is required or not. Unfortunately, we do not have the information about how much minimum work experience is required.

      Best wishes

      • Posted by Rishabh kapur on 07/15/13 10:28am

        @ thomas..
        I have 92.57 pc in my 10th boards(ICSE) and a 92.2 in my 12th boards(CBSE). Will this compensate for some of the undergrad gpa ( 6.7 /10)? And while applying for the mim programme, ,would i have to convert my gpa in scale of 4 in their application? If yes, pl tell me t procedure.
        Thanks once again.

    • Posted by Bond on 07/14/13 2:46pm

      manipal in top 20? You wish....
      But your extra curr. seems fine for the app.

    • Posted by Rishabh kapur on 07/15/13 7:21am
      Its the june 2013 issue. You can check wikipedia as well my friend

    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 07/15/13 4:45pm

      Hi Rishabh,

      thank you for your question. You will get this specific information directly from the respective business school where you apply. I would follow the admissions procedures published there and use the online-application form. As for the ICSB and CBSE scores, they will certainly help - but I can't tell you if they are sufficient to compensate for the GPA score. It likely depends on the competition that may change from year to year.

      All the best