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  • Posted by Shiuli on 08/22/19 6:49am

    I'm 23 year old business management graduate. I've scheduled my GMAT and expect around 750. My undergrad cgpa was 8.1. I haven't had an office job since I've graduated in 2018. I've a record of a failed startup and freelance copywriting during this period. This gap was also facilitated by a medical issue. By a quick glance, do you think I should even aim for 2020 MiM programs in top 20? I've heard that these programs are targeted towards students with no work experience, so what are some other profile building tips that you'd give me?

  • Posted by thomas.graf on 08/23/19 2:48pm

    Hi there,

    yes, Master in Management programs (MIM) target garduates with no or only few work experience. So, formally you would fit this program type.

    Does a MIM makes sense for you? Depends on your goals. If you are interested in a Master, then yes. If you are interested in general management (as opposed to a specialized discipline such as finance or marketing), then yes.

    Should you aim at "top 20" programs? Personally, I am sceptical that rankings reflect the value that a specific program can have for an individual. Maybe yes, but maybe a program that is not ranked at all provides sufficient value to you at lower costs.

    I pursue this philosophy of finding the "best program FOR YOU" in my eBook Business Masters - How you find the best Master in Management or MBA. It helps you develop your search criteria for the "optimal" program and provides a step-by-step procedure on finding out, which school and program best fits your criteria.

    Best wishes,

    By Thomas Graf
    Author of the MIM eBook