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  • Posted by RedaB91 on 02/05/13 4:06pm


    I have seen all the replies in related topics already, and I have to say, I have found them extremely useful, so first of all thank you for all that help.

    However, I do have a question about interviews that has not been asked yet, I believe other applicants in this website may also find this useful.

    I am in the ultimate year of my BEng in Civil Engineering in University College London and have applied to the Master in Management in HEC Paris, ESCP Europe and EMLyon. I got called for an interview for all three of them (it is a common application and interview). As you might have already read in other posts, the interview, as specified from their email, is "an open-discussion focusing mainly on your general interest for current business affairs, your academic background and your motivation for undertaking a Master in Management in France."

    I am ready to discuss my academic background and to prove my motivation forcefully, however I am a bit sceptic about what they expect me to say about my general interest for current business affairs. I read "The Times" and "Le Monde" (french newspaper) everyday but I am not certain that this is what they mean. Could you possibly give me a few tips on how to get ready for this?

    Once again, thank you!

    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 02/05/13 8:12pm

      Hi there,

      thank you for your question. Well, I think it is a good preparation if you keep up to date on everyday business policy. I don't think that the schools want you to know in detail what's going on in European Economies. But maybe they want to check if you are really interested. So if you learn a bit about the European economic crisis or try to understand why Spain or Greece are in trouble you should be fine.

      Also, they want to see if you are able to discuss a topic critically. For example, they may ask you if you think that the European Union is doing the right thing to solve the European economic crisis. THis would be a detailed question and they may not ask it. But I want to give you an idea about what they want from you.

      Finally, they may ask you about more general things. For instance, do you think that leadership becomes more important in the next years and why? Or, what do you think about high salaries for investment bankers?

      The idea is that you show them THAT you are able to discuss topics - less WHAT you say.

      If you have the interviews behind, it would be great if you could publish a little report here - you don't ned to mention the schools - just write some lines about what it was about.

      Best wishes

      By Thomas Graf

      • Posted by RedaB91 on 02/05/13 9:15pm


        Very well, so I should focus on understanding what is going on, just "enough" so I can potentially give an opinion or a brief analysis on the current situation. Apart from that it's only about being able to think critically.

        Thank you for your answer!

        I will post again after my interview to give the readers some insight into that kind of interviews.

        Best regards.

        • Posted by Thomas Graf on 02/06/13 12:01am

          Another idea is that you ask the schools to bring you in touch with a current student. That's pretty normal because you want to get a clearer picture of what it's like studying at these schools.

          Then you can ask him or her about the interview and his experience.

          Best wishes

          • Posted by RedaB91 on 02/06/13 4:26pm

            Thanks for the advice, I'm trying to get in touch with a current student of the schools now.


    • Posted by RedaB91 on 02/27/13 6:42pm

      Hi Thomas,

      I received the responses from HEC Paris, ESCP Europe and EM Lyon today. I got accepted by all three of them!

      I wanted to thank you for your help to prepare for the interview and the applications overall. Your replies from this thread and others in this forum were very useful! I recommend this website to anyone who is applying for MiMs!

      Once again, thank you!

      • Posted by Thomas Graf on 02/27/13 11:40pm

        Thank you very much Reda for your nice words and for letting me know. Congratulation for the three invitation. That's really great.

        In case, you want to do a favor to this website - just mention it to the three schools and that it helped you in your decision making process.

        Thank you again and all the best

      • Posted by pratik99bhide on 02/28/13 1:12pm

        hello REDA, I have also been admitted to HEC and EM lyon, and waiting list at ESCP.
        Have u recieved any furthur details yet?

        • Posted by RedaB91 on 02/28/13 9:54pm


          Yes I have today. It includes basic information about paying the deposit and the fees as well as more information on the arrival in Paris.

          It is surprising that you got accepted in HEC Paris, but only are in the waiting list in ESCP Europe. Although ESCP in a very good school with an excellent MiM, HEC is a lot more prestigious, in my modest opinion, until tuition fees come into consideration.. Which one are you thinking of accepting?

          If you do not mind, what is your profile like?


          • Posted by pratik99bhide on 03/01/13 4:40am


            Even I got the mail ydy night.

            First of all, congratutaltions to you (tu) for getting admits from all three places. simple magnificent. I am sure you have a great profile! :)

            Even I am surprised that ESCP waiting list in spite of getting HEC admit offer, especially as my friends there have told me the two schools compete continuously for students. Maybe its to do with certain parameters set by the particular people of admissions committee. i am happy enough that a prestigious insitute like HEC has offered me a spot.

            As for the decision, HEC seems the obvious choice but as you said its very expensive, so will give a thought before finalizing for sure by comparing with other opportunities, apply to scholarship etc. How about you, r u finalizing on HEC/ESCP?

            My profile :

            Bachelor of Pharmacy from Mumbai univ with first class.

            Work exp : 3 months in foreign export and marketing of pharmaceuticals.

            GRE (applied through GRE not GMAT) : 317/340
            TOEFL: 113/120

            Extracurricular and other experiences : Excellent, held many top positions in quite a few organizations and student bodies throughout academic life. (i think that did the trick somehow, esp for my interview). also a small entrepreneurial-type start-up and some other good projects

            Very happy to share information with you. Can you please also let me know your profile as well. and also your decision regarding admission.


            • Posted by RedaB91 on 03/01/13 6:31am


              Thank and congratulations to you too!

              HEC have always been my "goal" since I have a family member that studied there, I will therefore probably proceed with their offer.

              My profile:

              Univ: BEng Civil Engineering in University College London, expected 2.1 (second upper-class).
              Prof experience: five summer internships (about 3-6weeks each) in different field from the management of major projects in Morocco to structural design in UK.
              GMAT: 710 (Q50, V38)

              I think what helped me a lot throughout the application were my strong interest and knowledge on the Strategy Consulting industry; I have a clear plan for my next 5-6 years, with some alternatives obviously. I also put a lot of emphasis into some key points for succeeding in business as developing a professional network in various industries or having a good international experience, it probably helped too :D.

              Good luck for the scholarship application! I will be applying for them as well.

              • Posted by pratik99bhide on 03/01/13 9:18am


                Do keep in touch regarding progress about this. i am sure it will help us to network with sutdetns who might in near future be our classmates.

                connect with on on facebook at


                also take my email id : pratik99bhide@gmail.com

                lets hope we do well for scholarships.

                PS - your projects and internship exp is awesome, really impressive.