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MIM for degree of engineering

  • Posted by - thomas.graf - on 9 September 2021 - 1:23pm


    the general requirements for the CEMS MIM are listed at: - you either need a bachelor in business or economics or - and this may be interesting for you - you must have "successfully passed minimum 60 ECTS of full-time business education (eventually to be presented at the programme start".

    Typically, the CEMS Member Schools require you to first study their own Master in Management and add the CEMS MIM on top. When you start the CEMS MIM, accordingly, you will have the required 60 ECTS.

    As a result, the only question is: Is the Master in Management of the CEMS Member School open for graduates from non-business/economics degrees or not.

    As to my best knowledge, the ESADE Master in International Management is open for non business graduates. If you study this MIM first and then the ESADE CEMS MIM, you should be fine.

    Best wishes,

    Thomas Graf
    Founder of the MIM Compass
    Author of the MIM eBooks

  • Posted by - San - on 9 September 2021 - 6:54am

    Dear Master in Management Compass,

    I am writing to ask you if I'm eligible to apply for MIM or CEMS program.

    I graduated from university in Korea, majoring in Bioengineering and Computer Science as a minor. After that, I've been working for Deloitte Consulting.

    Considering that having a degree in business administration or economics is required to apply for MIM/CEMS program, I am wondering if I can apply for the MIM or CMES program with my bachelor's degree in engineering and consulting experience.

    As this page says,
    if an academic background in business or economics is required for the program, is it impossible to apply with a Bachelor's or Engineering degree for that university?
    I wonder there are any exceptions.

    Sung Hyun Kim