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  • Posted by aishanimishra on 02/01/13 6:09pm

    I've applied for the MIM program in several schools in UK and FRANCE.But,people have been warning me against this recently saying job opportunities are slim for Indian citizens and sometimes not legal even!
    If I would attend a University in Europe ,I wish to get a job there and continue working there.Please tell me what the job market is like for Indians because many forums have mentioned getting a work permit is impossible.


    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 02/01/13 6:21pm

      Hi Aishani,

      well, there may be differences depending which European country. I think the best way you can find this out is by talking to:

      (1) The Embassy of India in the respective countries: They should know visa situation as well as the job market.

      (2) The business schools of your interest: and particularly the career service team. Ask them about their experiences with people from India in placing them after graduation. If they have no experience at all or if they couldn't place them it may not be a good sign.

      (3) Ask the admissions team to bring you in contact with an Alumni from India. He or she should provide you with a sense of how easy it is.

      One more thought: You could try to approach MIM programs with severa campuses or partner universities such as the CEMS MIM or the Hult MIB. By this, you are not depending on one country only.

      Best wishes

  • Posted by swarnesh rao on 10/07/17 9:54pm

    Dear sir,

    I am planning to do master in management degree in France,Germany or Ireland this worth investment for Indian as i am interested in management field and i am not interested doing it in India . Can you explain me in brief about the roi and job opportunities in these 3 countries for a fresh management graduate if you get a decent college.

    I am an average student particularly interested in management courses.

    My background:i have done my engineering in computer s and have work experience about 8 months in i am really confused about my career decision

  • Posted by Thomas Graf on 10/09/17 12:16pm

    Hi there,

    regarding your career step, a Master in Management (MIM) is the right program type, provided that you are interested in a general management course. If you prefer to specialize in a specific business area - such as marketing or supply chain management - you would recommend a Master in the respective area (e.g., a MSc in Marketing).

    Regarding your decision in favor of more education, I always recommend to weigh your current job opportunities against the decision to invest in education. If you have a satisfying job or the chance to get a satisfying job at the moment, you could stick with that - and maybe add an MBA at a later stage of your life (whether full-time or part-time).

    If you are not satisfied with your current job situation or have other reasons (e.g., gain inzternational experience etc.), I recommend a Master's.

    Now, the question of ROI and job opportunities obviously is very important. For many people, it may even be THE most important criterion for selecting a specific school. Hence, preparing your decision thoroughly by investigating in numbers before, is important.

    The problem is: You will have to invest an effort toget reliable answers. If you are not willing to make this effort, you won't. If you make the following steps, for instance, you will have a much clearer picture and make a better decision.

    (1) Read my eBook "Business Masters: How you find the best Master in Management & MBA" THOROUGHLY.
    (2) Read my Global MIM Survey 2014 THOROUGHLY.
    (3) Based on your readings, make a firsdt selection of 5-10 schools that appear to be interesting for you.
    (4) Visit the websites of these schools and carefully read the career pages of the respective Master in Management - e.g., watch out for info on career statistics such as employers, average time until graduates receive a job offer, percentage of graduates who accepted a job offer within 3 months etc. If the employers are not interesting for you, maybe this is the wrong program for you. If only few people get jobs, maybe the wrong problem for you...
    (5) Screen the website for MIM student statistics: How many students from India have been enrolled in the past? If the school has no experience with placing students from your country at employers... it may be the wrong school for you.
    (6) Contact the school and ask them to bring you in contact with (a) current MIM students and (b)alumni, ideally from your region.
    (7) Contact these students or alumni via email or Skype and ask your questions... What is or was your experience? How easy do you think you will find a job? Ho easy was it to find a job? What are you doing now?
    (8) Contact some of your favorite employers and ask the where they recruit. If they don't answer you on the phone, be creative... for instance, attend job fairs where these employers attend and ask them there...

    You see: There is no free lunch and no one will easily give you the answers you are looking for - at least not, if the person you ask is serious. But if you make an effort, you will profit from it in the mid-run.

    Best wishes,

    By Thomas Graf
    Founder MIM Compass