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  • Posted by Gaurav on 02/09/18 3:19pm

    1. Sir, I want to build my career in project management. so, how can I do that, what is the 1st step towards this course?

    2. Most important question for me is- Is this course only for Engineers OR a Commerce background student (like a BCom graduate) can also do this course? I don't know about this.

    3. I want to tell you that currently, I don't know anything (don't have any knowledge of project management) about Project Management because I don't have any Degree(bachelor/diploma/masters/certificate) in project management field.
      I am a BCom graduate in accounting and finance (first division). Now I decided to make my career in project management. So, for that-

    Which degree/certificate (relating to project management) you will suggest me to take AND importantly Which COUNTRY and college/ university/ business school you will suggest me as i want to go abroad (outside of INDIA) for project management course? After having a qualification and work experience in project management field, i will go for CAPM & PMP certificate.

    I request you to please guide me step by step for career in project management.

    Best Regards

  • Posted by thomas.graf on 02/12/18 10:34am

    Hi there,

    if you are interested in project management ONLY, then you can study - in principal - any course in the world that teaches you project management.

    Any other question in your forum post depends on YOUR goals. And your GOALS is the starting point for answering your questions.

    For instance: The specific industry or company you wish to work for after your master's degree as wel as the country or region you wish to find a job can determine your selection of the university and program to study.

    I strongly recommend you to read my Business Masters eBook carefully. This gives you the logic on how to search for, analyze, and select a Master's degree in business. The logic is the same in principle whether you look for a Master in Management, Marketing, MBA, or Project Management

    Best regards,

    By Thomas Graf
    Owner MIM Compass
    Author of the MIM eBook

    • Posted by gaurav sharma on 02/12/18 4:11pm

      Thank You so much sir.

      So, as per your advice, i can do this course having commerce background. It is not that only engineers are eligible to do project management course?

      My goals are doing jobs at managerial position (management works). so to be a project manager is ultimate goal.

      Sir, How is Masstricht school of management, The Netherlands for MIM course? please sir just give me overall conclusion whether to go with or not.
      And Massey University, new zealand for MIM course?

  • Posted by thomas.graf on 02/12/18 6:05pm

    Hi there,

    as to my best knowledge, project management Master courses are open for graduates from all academic backrounds. But why do you ask this question here, instead of simply searching for project management Master courses via, visiting the school's sites and just reading the admissions requirements yourself???

    As for your other questions "How is the Masstricht School?" and "Give me an overall conclusion" my answer is the same. ANALYZING THIS IS YOUR JOB!

    I only give you the means to do this job efficiently (a minimum of time required) and effectively (find the most satisfying programs) by recommending you my Business Masters eBook - this tells you step by step how to proceed to find YOUR best program.

    Warm regards,

    By Thomas Graf
    Owner MIM Compass
    Author of the MIM eBook

    • Posted by gaurav on 02/14/18 8:38am

      Thank You So much sir for the advice and suggestions.