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Profile Evaluation required for MIM

  • Posted by - thomas.graf - on 27 October 2017 - 10:28am

    Hi there,

    that depends on what you mean by "help". If you mean doing your job - e.g., reflecting your goals, assessing school profiles and investigating in schools' career prospects, analyzing schools' expectations etc. - then I won't help you.

    If you mean guidance in what to do first, second, and next to find your "perfect" MIM program, you are welcome.

    Here is a starting point:

    1. Read my eBook "Business Masters: How you find the best Master in Management or MBA" thoroughly and think about it.
    2. Read the results of my survey on MIM Entry Requirements

    You find both publications in the Tips & Tools Section.

    Best wishes,

    By Thomas Graf
    Founder MIM Compass
    Author of the MIM eBooks

  • Posted by - Bhagyasree - on 27 October 2017 - 7:49am

    I would like to apply for MIMs programme for fall 2018. Could you please help me with this.